Closing weekend of George Town Festival GTF2014 Penang, Malaysia


Hai Ki Xin Lor: You Mean the world to me. Hokkien Play by Saw Teong Hin at Khoo Kongsi

One of my favourite performances was Hai Ki Xin Lor: You Mean the world to me. A Hokkien dialect Play by Saw Teong Hin set in the compound of the famous Khoo Kongsi. It’s semi autobiographical story about family secrets and their relationships with each other. The play is in Hokkien dialect with subtitles. It was a powerful performance, the script was clever and concise. The set was simple yet effective. The audience was captivated for an hour watching this brilliant play in the most beautiful outdoor setting.

There were so much activities over the weekend that I didn’t have time to see them all. I’ve randomly included some photos of the ones I went to


The set up. Photo copyright of Hai Ki Xin Lor: You Mean the world to me


Cast and Crew Photo copyright of Hai Ki Xin Lor: You Mean the world to me


Poster of the Play You mean the world to me.


Pop up bar in an abandoned shop house


Pop up bar


Mobile art outside ottokedai, a new retail shop


Sekeping Victoria where nature and building is one.

Sekeping Victoria

Sekeping Victoria


Art sculptures around town


Pop up store


Pink tank guarding the pop up store


Pop up store


Mobile local group that sings folk songs in hokkien dialect


Japanese pipe cleaner artist Art (Atushi Kitanaka)


Artist Lim from ILoveDoodle




10665785_10152855094427289_1894134263251531582_n Papercuts by Timeless Realm


School art bus Penang


The talented Sam Willows from Singapore performing at the canteen, China House




One Lovely Blog Award


Thank You Aanchal for the award xx

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Awards makes everyone happy, whether you are receiving an award at school, college or work place. But when you are being awarded and appreciated for the work you are passionate about, the feeling of joy doubles up. I am not a writer, but a passionate traveller, it feels great to know that people are reading and loving your travel tales. I am very much delighted to accept the honour awarded by my two blogger friends – Karen at & Jackson at

I share a similar passion of travel as it is with Karen and Jackson, we all have been bitten by the same bug of travel and that is the reason even though we have never met in person, a string of travel has bonded us together. I love reading their tales, looking at the pictures and be a part of their journey. Thank you for this love…

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Little Penang Street Market, Last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road, #PENANG, #MALAYSIA


Trishaw eco tote by BulanLifestyle

Get your own Trishaw eco tote by BulanLifestyle RM49

My Friends and I decided to get a stall At Little Penang Street Market yesterday. We shared 2 tables between the 3 of us. It made it more fun as a group activity and less like a chore. It was the first time I was showcasing my new trishaw totes and the handmade cards.

Little Penang Street Market is a showcase of arts, crafts and live performances held every last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road.

Little Penang Street Market is a non-profit making community venture, organised by a small volunteer committee. It is organised under the umbrella of Penang Arts Council, a registered society founded in 1954.

The Little Penang Street Market was founded in July 2006 with a grant from the Institute for Cultural Enterprise, New York. Its establishment in the first year was spearheaded by Lestari Heritage Network. From the beginning it has been our philosophy to establish a “market place” for cultural entrepreneurs. Artists, musicians and entrepreneurs need access to their audience and customers, while the public wants to discover a diversity of talent and products.
By providing a “market place”, we thereby create a space for cultural incubation and creative evolution – entrepreneurs can meet their public and get real feedback on what they have to offer.


Our stall at Little Penang street Market


Jewellery by Rantai 


At our stall, Little Penang Street Market


Handmade cards by Bulanlifestyle


Hand made paper ear rings by Rantai

Little Penang St Market Performers

Little Penang St Market Performers getting ready


Cultural performances at Little Penang st market


the otehr stalls: Hand made bags


The other stalls: Hand made pouches and origami jewellery


Support local Penang products




A whole month of sketches completed for #Spoonchallenge by Spoonflower in my #Moleskine


I feel a sense of accomplishment. I just completed a whole month of sketches for #Spoonchallenge by Spoonflower in my #Moleskine notebook. It has been fun drawing with other spoonchallengers on this, seeing how others have interpreted the daily word prompts. Everyone is different and unique and we all see the world in our own way.

#Spoonchallenge 20 Portrait. Daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower in my #moleskine

#spoonchallenge 20 portrait daily sketch challenge for spoonflower

#spoonchallenge 20 portrait daily sketch challenge for spoonflower

This is the final one for Spoonchallenge Daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower in my #moleskine. The Prompt is Portrait. I’m not a fan of drawing people because I’m really not great at it. This does not look anything like me but what the heck, at least I tried and I have now completed this challenge!! :)

Happy weekend to you all xx

#Spoonchallenge 19 Landmark daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower. Our own iconic Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas twin towers

#Spoonchallenge Landmark. Petronas twin towers

#Spoonchallenge 19 Landmark daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower. My Sketch is of our very own iconic Petronas Twin Towers in KL, Malaysia

Have an awesome weekend everyone. I have lots to go see this weekend at the closing weekend of George Town Festival. It will be a busy one, in a good way!

#Spoonchallenge 18 daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower Prompt Map Legend

#spoonchallenge daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower Prompt Map Legend

#spoonchallenge 18 daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower Prompt Map Legend

Spoonchallenge daily sketch challenge for Spoonflower Prompt Map Legend. I decided to draw the map of my world. I’m not sure what it is, but I did it quite spontaneously. I guess it’s how I felt as I drew it.