Sketch of the day no 328: Frangipani plant and flower

7. Frangipani

This is my pride and joy on my balcony. A Frangipani plant I have been growing for the last 7 years from a tiny cutting. It’s finally flowering for the first time ever! It has a dark red coloured flower. Normally the ones that are common have white flowers. I wanted to grow this one for the dark red flower.

This plant is also incredible because I am a plant killer. I don’t have green fingers. It’s managed to survive against the odds. Sometimes I leave them for months at a time when I go away and it still survived! :)

Sketch of the day 327: Map of Penang

Penang Map

Penang Map

I left the city this morning and now back on the island! Well technically it is no longer an island. It has 2 bridges joining it to the mainland. The new 24km second bridge opened 3 weeks ago. I drove on it today. Rather clear and empty roads :)






Sketch of the day no 323: Antique oil Lamp

7. oil lamp wood

I was so excited about my weekend with my best friend from school that I almost forgot to post the sketch! She’s visiting from HK and Ive known her for 30 years. I never knew age would catch up so quickly. It was something I used to hear my dad telling me…My friend and I , we’ve known each other for  x years and I used to think that was a long time, but finally I  have that kind of friendship that have lasted the test of time :)

Happy good Friday and Happy Easter weekend to all who celebrate! x