Sketch of the day no 323: Antique oil Lamp

7. oil lamp wood

I was so excited about my weekend with my best friend from school that I almost forgot to post the sketch! She’s visiting from HK and Ive known her for 30 years. I never knew age would catch up so quickly. It was something I used to hear my dad telling me…My friend and I , we’ve known each other for  x years and I used to think that was a long time, but finally I  have that kind of friendship that have lasted the test of time :)

Happy good Friday and Happy Easter weekend to all who celebrate! x

Sketch of the day no 322: Sketch of my new coin gas tank

Coin bank

Coin bank

Today’s sketch is something I bought last week from one of the mon+pop shops. They sell a lot of old school junk that I had to have! You can just see it in between all the other ones. I wanted the one in that turquoise but my friend got to it first. The one I bought is more blue.


I also picked up some soap and tumeric powder. I just love the packaging. I have sketched the soap before but not the tumeric powder tin which is so kitsch!


I left my island life and I’m now back in the city. It was a boring 4 hour drive with rain in between, than haze. First thing I had to check when I got in was water! There’s still water rationing here. It’s 2 days off 2 days on. There is water. I think the tanks for the apt are large enough to carry over 2 days water cut.

Got to clean my flat now. It’s quite dusty after being away for a month, and I must forget my favourite part, I have to pay my bills :(

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Since I had to delete my old blog and start a new one I am asking PLEASE if people can give this a quick reblog?

I lost a ton of friends I liked talking to. I am getting about 5/10 a day added back but I would really like to hook back up with a few people.

I ask as the best friend you have to PLEASE RE-Blog this so I can find some friends like you again

I would be grateful WordPress if you could do this for me

More love, less hate


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Sketch of the day no 321: StewART the seagull “Live Your Dream”

StewART the Seagull

StewART the Seagull

StewART the seagull reminds us to live our dream. I meant to paint this somewhere outdoors but I didn’t feel like leaving my room, and so he ended up on my studio wall :)

Sketch of the day no 320: Old Penang door #6

Old Penang door

Old Penang door

This is a very humble home. You can tell from the narrow facade and low ceilings and simple and basic shapes. The homes of the wealthier traders had wider facades, but generally the houses are narrow but long with one or two courtyards inside for ventilation and to allow light in. The narrow facade is due to a tax which was calculated on the width of the home. In general, the higher the ceiling, the richer the owners. I find the architecture in Georgetown Penang really fascinating. I often play ‘guess the people who live there’ game in my mind.


As I was writing this post, I was listening to my mum’s itunes on her computer and this tune came on.