Congratulations to The Fox Butler Pet Lifestyle Store on their grand opening and well done for organising this worthy cause.


Fox Butler Pet Lifestyle Store Grand Launch

Congratulations to The Fox Butler Pet Lifestyle Store on their grand opening and well done for organising this worthy cause. There was a corner in the shop whereby people could draw and their artwork will be sold to raise money for charity. The proceeds from the sales of the artwork will be donated to animal shelters.

I donated 3 prints from my BulanLifestyle art series of Bao Bao the dog with a caption that reads: Beware of Owner :)


Draw for good, a celebration of animal art

Address and contact:

  • 18, Jalan Pantai Jerjak
  • 11900 Penang, Malaysia
H/P: 012-406 1978


DIY arts and crafts Black tourmaline pendant bracelet to start my weekend


Rough black tourmaline pendant bracelet

Tourmaline is for luck, happiness, friendship and to deflect negative energy.

My friend who came to stay with me gave me this rough black tourmaline crystal as a thank you present. It was the most beautiful and thoughtful present as it was chosen with a meaning in mind. However, I received it as a lose crystal and I didnt know how to carry it with me and use it everyday.

Just before my friend left, we swapped bracelets and when I got home, this idea of making a pendent out of the crystal jumped into my mind. Basically what I did was use a metal wire to wrap the tourmaline crystal so that I could hang it off the bracelet as a pendent. I merged them into one whole which I could wear with me everyday.

I should have taken a before and after photo but I just made it and didn’t think about it as a post.

I start my weekend with a new bracelet that I love and can wear with me everyday. I started my week not so happy but I ended the week with a smile on my face :)

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Kiwi the pug trying on the pendent bracelet


In honour of my dad’s memory, David Choong badminton legend, who passed away 3 years ago today

David Choong

David Choong

Today’s blog post is in honour of my dad’s memory, David Choong badminton legend, who passed away 3 years ago today. I never liked to talk about this but it’s been 3 years since his passing and I think I owe this to honour his memory.

My dad was a badminton legend in his day. He was the original dreamer, who followed his passion and fulfilled it. He brought us all up to follow our dreams and to do the best we can. Life to him was not a competition. He just wanted to be the best that he could possibly be and that was what he instilled in us.

It is not a sad day, but a happy one, to honour his memory as a badminton legend, as my hero, the best dad in the world. For this I am grateful.

David Choong

David Choong

He captured men’s doubles titles at the prestigious All-England Championships in 1951, 1952, and 1953. They were finalists in 1954, 1955, and 1957.[1] He shared the All-England mixed doubles crown with June White (Timperly) in 1953 and they were finalists in 1955.[2] Between 1949 and 1957 Choong won national open titles in most of the European nations that held such tournaments. He was inducted into the International Badminton Hall of Fame in 1998 ~ Wikipedia

Sketch of the day no 396: Lily the rescued dog

Sketch of Dog

Sketch of Dog

Happy Monday! This is my friend’s rescued dog Lily. She is so pretty. She just moved from HK to Malaysia and I have fallen in love with her. My friend has 2 other dogs but Lily is my favourite.


Chill out Sunday afternoon at the Polo club


I spent a chilled Sunday afternoon at the polo club catching up with some friends. These are some of my friends ponies where I get my inspiration from. I have drawn a few ponies and they are Argentinian Polo Ponies. I rarely go watch polo, to be honest, I don’t like watching as I have absolutely no clue what is going on. I rarely go watch and this is a special occasion to spend time with one of my best friend’s before she leaves the country.