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March 2008

My name is Tyson

Name: Tyson
Breed: Golden Retriever
Occupation: Spy
Weight: 25 kg
Hobbies: Sleeping in mud and playing in rain
Skills: Closing doors, bowling and the usual tricks
Favourite food: Bamboo leaves and ice


Modern Office Interior Design – example 1

Every so often I get asked for design advice for a house, apt or office. I always feel flattered when this happens as I don’t even warrant such an honour. I love interior design but unfortunately I do not practice anymore as I do not know how to work with contractors-they simply drive me nuts and life is too short for such suffering.

My latest design is for a small office. The following is what I came up with:
Layout plan
As you enter, there is a waiting area which opens up into the main work station.The main workstation is in the heart of the office. The office is divided into several work areas. There is a conference room in the front which doubles up as the office library. This is strategically located next to the waiting area near the entrance and is slightly elevated for better visibility . The pantry on the other hand is tucked away at the back of the office.

Elevation of the conference room and waiting area

Perspective of main work area -The back wall leads to the pantry.

Perspective of the pantry
The pantry is large enough for a breakfast counter. The right side of the pantry leads to the store room and the left side leads to the boss’ office which is also accessible from another entrance.

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