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April 2008

>My own animal farm


Photo of nest – Day 3

I went away last weekend and when I came back I found some birds had moved into my balcony, nest and all! Above is a photo of the nest


Interior Design Project 2

Photo of Apartment

Perspective of new design

As I mentioned before, I occasionally get asked to give advice on interior design issues. My latest project is a 2000 sq ft apartment. Above is a photo of the apt and below it is what I intend to change. My speciality is space planning and design on a budget. I never feel comfortable dictacting style on someone else’s home. It’s way too personal and who’s to say if white or blue is a better colour?

The original layout has a fairly small enclosed kitchen with an outdated look. I propose to knock down the existing wall so that the kitchen flows into the dining/living area. A new breakfast counter divides the space and in addition, sliding glass doors can completely close up the kitchen when necessary. I believe in creating flexible spaces to suit all lifestlyes.
There are 2 bedrooms tucked in the corner to the left of the kitchen and they share a common bathroom. In order to create a bit of privacy, I suggest enclosing the area as seen in the perspective.
These two changes in my opinion, will immediately improve the layout and design of the apartment.
Check this space for further progress!

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