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May 2013

Sketch of the day no 41: Pressed dried Barley from #Provence

Today’s sketch of the day is dried and pressed barley I found in my book which I must have placed when I was in Provence. My memory is incredibly bad.

Happy weekend everyone!!

sketch of day no 41: Barley

Sketch of the day no 40: English coins

sketch of coins

Today’s sketch of the day are some English coins, 1p, 2p and 10p. The one of the 10p with the queen’s head is drawn from a found image on the internet as I couldnt really see the image on the real coin.

Working too much on my macbook is really destroying my eyesight! I never had a problem on my pc. O well, it could just be old age and I need glasses 😦

Sketch of the day no 39: Rubber Duck

Sketch of rubber duck

I love rubber ducks. They are one of those toys that bring back happy childhood memories. I love the six-storey inflatable ‘rubber duck’ created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman currently floating in Victoria harbour, Hong Kong. I’ve been following his travels since Sydney harbour. I have never seen it but I would definitely want to! The photos below are courtesy of my friend who works right by the harbour in HK,where she enjoys the view of the Happy rubber duck.

My sketch of the day is one of my own rubber duck ;p

giant rubber duck 2

giant rubber duck

Hermès Festival des Métiers exhibition at #Saatchi Gallery, #London

Hermes festial des metiers at saatchi gallery
Hermes festial des metiers at saatchi gallery

Festival des Métiers – A rendezvous with Hermès craftspeople (21 – 27 May 2013)

I popped into this free exhibition last week at the Saatchi Gallery on Kings Road. It was more interesting and engaging than I expected for Hermes, normally very posh and stuffy. The exhibition was on the first floor, in two medium sized rooms. There were about 8 workstations informally set up, where we could see the Hermes craftspoeple working and explaning to the public the process of making an Hermes object. The crafts being shown were the watch engraving, stenciling, hand painting on porcelain, jewellery polishing, leather bag making, sewing and last but not least my favourite, the silk screen printing process.

The silk screen printer demonstrated how to print a basic Hermes silk scarf with 8 colours, the most basic. The ‘silk screen panels’ , traditionally made of wood and silk screen mesh, were made of stainless steel frame with polyester mesh. There were eight panels in all. The darkest colour which was black was printed first. It was the outline of the design. Then the rest of the colours were layered on, one by one. Quite an amazing skill.

Watching the Hermes  craftspeople has inspired me to go for a silkscreen printing class. I’m really excited to try my hand at printing ;p

Hermes silk screen printing process
Hermes silk screen printing process

Hermes Festival des metiers, London

About Hermès
Hermès was founded by Thierry Hermès in Paris in 1837, as a house of master harness-making and later saddle-making. Since that time six generations of enterprising artisans have explored new markets and new skills. Now international in scope Hermès has continued to grow while remaining a family company, with a uniquely creative spirit that blends precision manufacturing with traditional craftsmanship.

Sketch of the day no 38: Pineapple

Since it’s raining and utterly miserable outside, here’s a sketch of a pineapple to bring a bit of the tropics to your home 🙂


Sketch of Pineapple
Sketch of Pineapple

Sketch of the day no 37: Stewart the Seagull and the story behind it

Today’s sketch of the day is Stewart the seagull. I got interested in seagulls after a story a couple told me about one of their encounters with seagulls whilst sailing around the world on their boat ‘Mind the Gap” (Actually it was a story about storks but I got them mixed up!) Anyway a group of seagulls were at sea, just like the couple on their boat. It was somewhere off South Africa where there was a storm that lasted days. They were weeks away from land so they had to pray and wait for the storm to pass. The seagulls too. (well storks) It started with 6 birds trying to seek shelter on their boat but everyday, one would be lost and finally the last survivor was left. He survived because he set aside all his human preconceptions and made friends with the couple. Survival instinct made him brave enough to not fly away into the storm. He was forced to face his human fears. After he made friends with the couple, he set up camp with them until the weather cleared and he fly away. The story really moved me to remember this brave bird. To celebrate his courage, I have painted and sketched seagulls and I love sharing this story.

Sketch of Sewart the seagull
stewart the seagull

Click here for seagull street art

Sketch of the day no 36: Kobe the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Today’s sketch of the day is Kobe, the Rhodesian Ridgeback. A quick one since it is a super sunny SUNDAY! I’m carrying on my theme of cartoon style animals to add to my portfolio. Happy Memorial Weekend!


Sketch of Kobe

Sketch of the day no 35: The Humble Tortoise

Today’s sketch is one of my favourite animals (technically a reptile), the humble land tortoise.

The tortoise is a slow creature that lives in its shell. They are reclusive and shy creatures. I like to believe they lead long lives cos they are vegetarian by nature. In Dreamworks cartoon, Kung Fu Panda, the character Grand Master Oogway is depicted as an old sage, venerated for his wisdom, knowledge and experience. In china the tortoise symbolizes the beginning of creation, time, wisdom and longevity. In india, the tortoise is highly regarded as having a elevated spiritual state as it is believed to meditate inside its shell. In Aesop’s fable, the slow moving but patient tortoise wins the race against the flighty hare.

The tortoise has been my mascot for many years. It represents all that I want to be. Wise, vegetarian, patient, spiritual wanderer who is self sufficient within its own shell that is also home.


Sketch of tortoise
Sketch of tortoise


Sketch of the day no 34: Monk walking alone

I have a fascination with Buddhist monks. I take photos of them whenever I spot one. I like to talk to them too. I can understand how someone can dedicate their entire life to the teachings of Buddha or any other religion and faith but to live in such an austere lifestyle and discipline for me is quite amazing. I guess this could be the lesson and the key to happiness. Comfort is relative and subjective. Maybe if we accept that material goods does not bring us real and sustaining happiness,  we might find inner peace within ourselves.

Sketch of monk walking alone
Sketch of monk walking alone

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