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June 2013

Sketch of the day no 69: mushrooms

Sketch of mushroom
Sketch of mushroom

Today’s sketch are some mushrooms I found whilst trekking in Thailand. They were growing off decaying logs and has the texture of wood.


Sketch of the day no 68: Desert plant at Kew Gardens

Sketch of desert plant
Sketch of desert plant

Today’s sketch is some sort of desert plant ‘Jovibarba heuffelii, Crassulaceae’ I found at Kew gardens. It’s really pretty with thick leaves that grow like a rose.

Thank you simplythebets for the name of the plant!

Thank you for the Liebster Award nomination!


I am so honoured and grateful to have been nominated for the Liebster award by Found this Painted that, an inspiring blog about how to decorate your home on a small budget. I have also been nominated by the talented Kat who blogs about her jouney to becoming a full time designer

To begin with, I had absolutely no clue what this award is. I was just so happy someone liked my blog enough to nominate me! After doing some research I found out that The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It’s a way for the blogging community to share the love and to give a blogger some recognition. Liebster is a German word meaning endearing, beloved, dearest. I do feel the love after being nominated!

For me, I think this is what the award really is about. It’s the gift of one blogger to another to make them feel special through recognition and a sense of belonging by being part of a supportive community.

Thank you again Found this Painted that and Kat xoxo
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Sketch of the day no 67: Lotus flower

Sketch of flower- Lotus
Sketch of flower- Lotus

It’s strange how I have good days and bad days with my sketches. I’m not terribly consistent yet. I’m extremely happy with my sketch today. It doesn’t often end up that way ;p

Happy Weekend everyone!

Sketch of the day no 66: Flower

Botanical illustration of flower
Botanical illustration of flower

I love drawing flowers. They are definitely my favourite subject for the sketch of the day. Flowers are just so pretty! However, like I said before, I wish I knew my flowers better. If only I knew what I’m sketching! Feel free to tell me if anyone knows. Thanx!

Bird watching at Regents Park, #London

Birds in Regents Park
Birds in Regents Park

I set off for a run at Regents’s Park but ended up hiring a paddle boat in the lake, looking at ducks, swans, storks and seagulls. It’s quite a funny experience being able to get up close to the birds in the water. Some parts felt like rush hour traffic when there were so many birds in the area. They really didn’t care that we were behind them, but it felt scary having to avoid crashing into them. They know we are there though. They have one eye on the food and one eye on the boat.

Sketch of the day no 65: Nutella Jar

Sketch of nutella Jar
Sketch of nutella Jar

It was just a matter of time before this was going to happen, sketch of my favourite breakfast spread: Nutella.

Tibetan Song Yi Re Kyo

I kept on hearing this song whilst in China. I traveled a lot in the Tibetan Prefecture. This is a Tibetan Song, with English subtitles. I finally understand what the song is about ;p

“Sun sets behind the southern mountains,
The white moon gets consumed by the clouds,
And the stars have fallen amid rain and clouds.
Heart saddens; unable to meet you there,
Heart saddens, unable to meet you there,”

It’s a spiritual song about how he cannot see the Lama, the Tibetan teacher of the Dharma.

Sketch of the day no 64: Roger the rooster

Roger the rooster
Roger the rooster

Who doesn’t like a little chicken or rooster and I DO NOT mean to eat. They are so quirky, the way they walk and peck. I find them quite intriguing creatures to watch. I met this little one in China, in Paoma si monastery on Paoma mountain that looks over the town of Kangding, in the Tibetan prefecture. Kangding, also known as Dardo is the capital of Garnze Tibetan prefecture. It sits at 2600m above sea level.

I spotted the rooster at the top of the stairs and followed it. I wanted to make friends with him. Instead, it took me to 4 monks having their lunch break seated against the exterior side wall of the temple. The monks said hello and invited my friend and I to join them. I was a bit taken aback by their generous offer but so grateful at the same time. I’m not sure if I did the right thing but I panicked and politely declined and scuttled off. It may have seemed to to decline a monks offering. Oh dear! Sorry monks.

I will make it up to the Tibetan Monks who live in the temple at Paoma mountain, Kangding by dedicating Roger the Rooster to them.There is always a reason for things to happen, never a coincidence.

Tibetan monk in Paoma si
Tibetan monk in Paoma si

Click here for music from the area.


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