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February 2014

The world just went cold and dark

Just a quick update, I’m going to be offline for a while. It’s been a terrible 2 days. I will explain when I come back online….I don’t know how much time I will take off, but I will come back.

Sketch of the day no 273: Cabbage plant needs a name #ART

Cabbage patch
Cabbage patch

Today’s cabbage sketch needs a name. My brain has frozen over and I cannot think of one. I will take suggestions 🙂

Below is a photo of the snow in Japan. It is freezing!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.00.06 PM

Sketch of the day no 272: Arthur the artichoke on wood background #ART


Konichiwa from Tokyo!  🙂

Sketch of the day no 271: Lily the divine and mystical Lotus flower to brighten your day xoxo #ART

Purple Lotus flower

Purple Lotus flower

I really love lotus flowers. They are so beautiful and I like what they symbolize. The Lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening, purity and resurrection.

As Chinese New Year brings in the new year of the wood horse, my lotus flower sketch marks the new beginning of my journey as well. I want to make this the year of my new rebirth. A new start.

Sayonora for now. I’m off to Japan for a week. I will try to post sketches everyday but forgive me if I dont xx

Sketch of the day 280: Kip Kip wishes you LOVE on Valentine’s Day and Chap Goh Meh!

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

Normally I would be a grouch and not celebrate Valentine’s Day! This year I will celebrate the love of friendship with my dearest and closest friends! This year the 15th day of Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentine’s Day. Today marks the last day of Chinese New year but it is a romantic day where lovers are meant to find each other. In China, this day is marked by lighting candles and lanterns, in Malaysia, we throw oranges into the river, in the hope of finding one’s true love 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone xoxo

Sketch of the day no 279: Gisele the Pink Ginger Plant #ART

Pink Ginger
Pink Ginger

Continuing on the botanical theme, this pink ginger flower is from my mum’s garden 🙂


Sketch of the day no 278: Stanley the staghorn fern on wood background #ART

Staghron fern
Staghorn fern

I have a ton of plant and flower sketches that I should be developing. So this is the start of me moving away from the animals for a while ;p

Sketch of the day no 277: Kenzo the cat with peonies. “I’m a dreamer” #ART

I'm a dreamer
I’m a dreamer

I started my artwork with a sketch a day. I used pen on paper then digitally added in the colours and now I have been combining the artwork with different components. By documenting my sketch a day, I have seen the evolution of my work.

I dreamed, a dream. At the beginning I was scared to act on it, but now that I have followed my path, I am happy with my achievements. Success is not monetary, but a deeper sense of achievement and fulfillment.(well, I hope money does come eventually! ;p)

Over the weekend, I started painting. I’ve really been enjoying painting. Photos to come soon!

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Sketch of the day no 276: Oscar the cat “Be proud of who you are”

Be proud of who you are
Be proud of who you are

I completely forgot about Oscar the Persian cat. I sketched him a while back and found him today. My friend Sue came over to my flat to help me go over some of my sketches to choose some artwork to make into greeting cards. I’m so disorganised and not business minded. She sat with me for a few hours giving me really useful suggestions about my work, but most importantly she reminded me that we should be proud of who we are and what we do. For this, thank you Sue!

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