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March 2014

Donations to the Vega humanitarian mission Straits Quay, #Penang collection point March 2014

Donations to go on board historic vessel vega
Donations to go on board historic vessel vega
I met Captain Shane and Meggi Macoun on Friday night aboard the historic vessel Vega, a humanitarian relief mission, a project that donates school equipment to remote islands in Indonesia. One couple’s vision and determination is all it took. Cpt Shane and Meggi, you are inspirational!

I posted on my FB page and wordpress to ask for donations on their behalf and to spread the news of their amazing work. Several of my friends handed me cash, but many more wanted to be more involved, they wanted to go buy the supplies themselves and deliver to the boat, to be part of the story.

The photos above are shows the musical instruments I managed to buy with the generous donations. Thank you to my friends who chipped in.
These musical instruments will be delivered to children living on the remote islands near to Timur. The instruments will be used in the school band. The school band will provide the schools with a future source of income.
To follow the journey, please join Historic Vessel Vega facebook page


Sketch of the day no 304: I love Petai

I love Petai
I love Petai

A quick one today. A busy day ahead.

Sketch of the day no 303: DIY Pink Ginger art bag for my eco warrior days out

DIY Pink Ginger art bag
DIY Pink Ginger art bag


I didnt have a personalised utilatarian bag for my Earth hour walk last night so I decided to paint on this old messenger bag that I had. Now that I’ve given it a new lease of life, I’m going to use it more often!

I chose this Pink Ginger plant because it is native to Malaysia and it’s an idea of mine to start a range of drawings of Malaysian wildlife and plants. Another new project, I have to remember this one.

Sketch of the day no 302: Earth hour 2014 cheeky T shirt revamp

DIY Refashion, Revamp t shirt
DIY Refashion, Revamp, Repainted t shirt

Earth hour T

We wanna be eco warriors ;p
We wanna be eco warriors ;p


My sketch of the day today is adding some leaves to the WWF Malaysia Earth Hour Tshirt. I just thought that the design needed some ‘green’ elements to it. I also hacked off the sleeves and neckline, slashed the back of the tee. I’m going to wear this tonight for the walk, hope they don’t mind my cheeky revamp ;p

Below is the original design by Miau & Wafu Pafu

Designed by miau and wafu pafu
Designed by miau & wafu pafu


Earth Hour
Earth Hour


Saturday 29th March 2014, between 830 pm – 930 pm, individuals, businesses, governments and communities will turn off their lights for one hour to show their support for environmental issues such as climate change. Climate change is one of the biggest environmental threats facing our planet, and it is something we can all relate to at the moment with the global weather patterns going all haywire.

A global environmental initiative in partnership with WWF, Earth Hour began in 2007 in a single city, but by 2012, Earth Hour reached more than 7,000 cities and towns across 152 countries and territories, becoming “the world’s largest campaign for the planet”

Earth Hour’s mission is three-fold. To bring people together through a symbolic hour-long event. To galvanise people into taking action beyond the hour. And to create an interconnected global community sharing the mutual goal of creating a sustainable future for the planet.

If you would like to support one of their projects, visit Earth hour blue
The historical city of George town, Penang will be participating. WWF Malaysia has organised a night walk around the heritage zone of George Town to raise awareness.
Earth hour walking route
Earth hour walking route


our crew
our crew
Above are the photos from the walk. We managed to recruit the volunteers from humanitarian vessel VEGA and jungle man/conservationist Hymeir from Earth Lodge Ulu Mudah

The humanitarian dream of an inspirational couple: Capt. Shane Granger and Meggi Macoun from the Historic Vessel Vega

Historic Vessel Vega. Photo taken from Vega website
Historic Vessel Vega. Photo taken from Vega website
Shane & Meggi with the 2010 Asia Pacific Laureate Foundation award for Social Service awarded for humanitarian service to isolated island communities in South East Asia. Photo taken from Vega webiste
Shane & Meggi with the 2010 Asia Pacific Laureate Foundation award for Social Service awarded for humanitarian service to isolated island communities in South East Asia. Photo taken from Vega website

It was Friday night. I had no plans. My friend and I decided to go for a quiet dinner. We had dinner at Straits Quay which overlooked the marina. By chance, we were invited onto a boat that was parked there. We were invited by a couple and crew to hop aboard the historical VEGA.

We discovered this was no ordinary couple and the Vega was no fancy cruise liner.

Shane Granger, a successful advertising photographer, moved to East Africa to fulfill his dream to work as a bush pilot in the mid 90s. During this time the idea developed to use his extensive commercial advertising experience for the benefit of communicating health and environmental messages to the rural population in East Africa. It was not long before he was being sent all over the world by WHO,UNICEF, BBC World Service Trust, and WWF to develop and produce behavioral change and educational materials.

Meggi Macoun, born in Prague, studied graphic design in Germany, moved to Africa to work. She has planned national, regional, and global campaigns for WHO, UNICEF, WWF, BBC and many others. She was a driving force in developing the community driven communications system and the combined production / training programs that are so cost effective and successful.
Capt Shane Granger and Maggie crossed paths through work.
In 2002, they discovered Vega, a 120 years old Norwegian build historic vessel which they lovingly restored to use as a catalyst to continue their work.
Every year since, the VEGA and her volunteer crew sail about 7,000 miles to collect and deliver between 15 and 20 tons of donated tools, educational and medical supplies. Those supplies are loaded on board in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore then delivered to East Timor and remote islands in Eastern Indonesia. Those supplies help support local level community development, health, and educational services. Supplies are also collected in Australia by VEGA supporters and shipped to Dili on board the yachts in the yearly Darwin to Dili Regatta.In addition, advanced training for traditional midwives and teaching aids for rural teachers are provided by a fully qualified Indonesian doctor  who travels with on board, providing medical services on the remote islands and holding workshops or training seminars for traditional midwives.

For more info on Vega and if you would like to volunteer or donate:

1. website,

2. facebook page,

3. wordpress blog


The team was so warm and friendly and passionate about their cause despite being exhausted from collecting supplies and welcoming people on board their vessel all day long. Sorry my photos are not great because it was dark.

Donated Supplies
Donated Supplies
info Banner
info Banner


Cpt Shane and volunteer
Cpt Shane and volunteer

Sketch of the day no 301: Old door in Penang original art #3

Old Penang door
Old Penang door

This is a sketch of the doorway of an old shop lot. There are many different types of doors and they are all so different. I think I’m going to carry on this door series.

I live on the island of Penang. The old town know as George Town is a UNESCO HERITAGE SITE. There are loads of interesting architectural features to draw.

Roy the rooster goes on holiday to visit a friend

Roy the rooster
Roy the rooster

Roy the rooster drops by rethinking Life’s home to spend some time with the other chicklets for Easter. He’s enjoying rides like ’tilt and egg’ and making new friends. His new BFF is Elsa. Roy is a real bloke. He looks all tough on the outside and rarely shows any emotion, but he is having the time of his life 🙂

Thank you for hosting him xx


Rethinking Life

A new rooster stops by

Roy and the new ride Tilt-an-Egg

Blogger: said that her Rooster Roy wanted to attend the Easter party at the Coop.  Roy just arrived and immediately volunteered to test the Tilt-an-Egg ride with chicklet Elsa.   The ride works perfectly and everyone is delighted. Roy is having a great time.  Elsa said that the ride isn’t for those who have motion sickness.  She looked a bit green for the rest of the day.  To see what Roy truly looks like, according to the artist, please check out the above post.

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Sketch of the day no 300: Old Penang door. I love doors and this one marks my 300th day of sketching :)

Old Penang door
Old Penang door

Today is day 300. It is a massively important milestone for me.

When I started out on this journey, I didn’t think I could even pass week one, it was so excruciatingly painful to sit down everyday to draw.

It all started because I had reached a low point in my life. My friend invited me to go traveling with her to France and that is how I met Marianna.  I met her in Provence where I spent 3 weeks staying at her lovely home. We bonded immediately and eventually she set me this challenge as a way to help me. She herself is an artist and she did a sketch a day challenge which she said helped her tremendously. Check out her website here

I’m about a month behind schedule since I took some time out from my sketching in Dec and when my mum passed away last month. This challenge is the only thing that has kept me sane throughout the year and is the only constant in my life. I have traveled 8 countries with my sketch a day and I am proud to say that I still manage to post them up despite dodgy wifi at times.

I cannot thank you, my readers enough for the constant support and encouragement. I know I have said this before and I am repeating myself, but that is how much it means to me. The sketch a day has not only given me focus but it has allowed me to make friends online.

I am going through a really difficult time emotionally right now but my sketches and you, my readers keep me going.




Sketch of the day no 299: Tropical fruit shakes in colour #ART

Tropical fruit shakes
Tropical fruit shakes

I’m cheering myself up with the coloured version of my tropical fruit shakes from my recent beach holiday in Koh Lipe, Thailand. It makes it a little less depressing being back home.

Below is a flash back to the weekend in Thailand with my new BFF Noah, at our makeshift studio. Creating art in the sand 🙂

beach art

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