Introducing Buddy the Whippet

Buddy the Whippet

Buddy the Whippet

I love animals, I am sure I’m not the only one here!

I’m in Singapore visiting Buddy my favourite Whippet pal. He is such a cutie with a very gentle curious demeanour. He is slightly twitchy and weary of people but he warms up slowly. I haven’t seen him in a while so I expect the cold treatment at the beginning but after day 2 I can see that little smile creeping into the edge of his mouth!

Buddy has been featured in my art. He is one of the Bulan animal farm characters. I generally don’t do random animals. They are mostly my friends pets I have met and become acquainted with.

I love you Buddy xx


"Don't worry. be happy", Buddy the Whippet

“Don’t worry. be happy”, Buddy the Whippet

20 thoughts on “Introducing Buddy the Whippet

  1. No, Buddy’s not a rescue pup. He’s 6 years old. I think the most rescuing my friend did was rescuing him from the pet shop. He arrived as a pair, but his sister Sheyba unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

  2. Is Buddy a rescue dog? Whippets and Greyhounds are used for racing, and then discarded when their racing careers don’t pan out, or when they retire. I’ve known some people who rescued “retired” racing dogs. — YUR

  3. I love whippets. We had one. He thought he could fly.( He would cuddle, curl up and sleep like a cat) His eyes could melt chocolate. He smelt like biscuit. I am not sure whippets realise they are dogs! ( love him , still miss him)

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