Coral planting
Coral planting

The article below is taken from campaign called Fragments of Hope. It is a worthy environmental project that involves the community to repopulate the coral reefs and hence the ecosystem in Belize. It doesn’t stop there. This project seeks to inspire people all over the world, like you and me, to be the change and be responsible for their own oceans.

The project is run by my school friend Emma Robens who is a passionate filmaker. Pls read and donate if you think it means something to you.

Thank you!

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Fragments of Hope

Laughing Bird National Park, Belize is home to a Coral regeneration program like no other, this film is about hope, Fragments of Hope. Your chance to give back.


If you buy a coral for £5.00 we will plant a coral back into the ocean for you…  A super strong coral!!

This is not just a film this is years of research and now we have the chance to visually prove it. To show the world that with a little bit of help we could turn our Coral Reefs around and it is you the people who can help project like this get seen.

Coral Reefs are under grave threat throughout the world and we have to find a way where we can help them. Millions of people are dependent on them as a source of food. They are the rain forests of the sea.

Their is little time to think should I…This is the time NOW. We need to show off a solution – if people are part of the problem they must be part of the solution.

We need your help to film these extraordinary corals spawning. We have scientific proof but we need to see it! 

We need to run a time lapse showing a dead reef being bought to life.

We need your help to rescue these corals that are one step away from extinction, come back and thrive… they need to SURVIVE . 

This is not just a film about a Coral Gardener, your money will help make the story real for the people of Belize and inspire people all over the world to get involved. Planting a coral – reconnecting to nature will make you a happier person… it will give your children a future…

We need to tell this story!This is a root to Happiness

Phase one is the film

Phase two is to help show the film through education, hotels and governments around the world.

Many films are made about coral regeneration but this is different – we want talk about the empowerment of the people, the new profession for coastal communities and we want to prove to you that these corals are spawning and re propagating other reefs.

Lisa Carne – a scientist in her own right who has dedicated over 8 years to the coral restoration program in Belize. Lisa has a project called – Fragments of HOPE – Lisa has found funding for her amazing work and is constantly being asked to take on more corals from the endangered – IUCN wish list as more corals becoming increasing near one step away from extinction… Lisa is our HOPE!

The point

This is a short  film that can be used for promotional material for the project for funding, for educational campaigns in schools and communities, even airlines to show to tourists and guests view in hotels so as to encourage participation in the project. It will also be used in the Pacific to show government and tourist operators what can be achieved and how desperate the need is to start early and not wait until they are in a desperate condition like that of Caribbean.

Documenting the spawning of nursery-grown, genetically diverse corals will show that we are giving these critically threatened Endangered species (one step away from extinction in the wild) a jump start to natural recovery of their former population by using corals that are already naturally selected for their thermal tolerance. This video documentation is a crucial restoration success indicator and the first step needed in order to expand efforts to new sites.

Lisa is excited about the project, ‘ If we can document the spawning: much criticism of fragmentation  work is the lack of genetics diversity, but in my case, I am try on to solve this by collecting, verifying & out planting as many different genotypes as possible!’


As you can see from our track record we are dedicated people who have worked endlessly for over a decade to adapt and evolve this incredible program… This program is about connecting us all with the ocean… this is giving us a chance to really care and understand why we should be active in creating the CHANGE…Become a CHANGE AGENT


We understand how this process works – BUT this film will not only prove it is possible and is happening… but that it will inspire many resorts within the Caribbean who have little environmental conscience to CARE to be more sustainable… It will show people in the Pacific Islands – – WARNING – Don’t wait – this is how desperate the Caribbean has become – eating fish bones, receding beeches, dead zones…and it gets worse… disease from human pollution…irreversible damage…BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY…


£10 – Pays for you to plant a coral back on the Reef

£25 – Pays for you to plant a coral on the reef and receive a down load of our film.

£100 – Pays for you to plant 10 corals back on the reef


£1000 – WE WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER:))) Plant a whole tray of coral, free membership for life of Coral Gardener – who knows the deals that will arise…

Film crew and production team.

Emma Robens –

Henry Coelho – Who is Henry – read below


Over 30 years in the design industry across many design sectors

Recently awarded the Drum magazine Grand prix prize for integrated strategy of the year 2014 with Maverick London

Award for the Gibraltar Football association  UEFA membership campaign strategy…

Designers and Art directors awards (D&AD) + others

Current projects In partnership with Maverick London



Stage One

MAKING OF THE FILM – Flights, Equipment, Post Production

Logistics on the ground at a possible value of $6,000 are being provided by Lisa Carne from Fragment of Hope –


The money raised will also print many DVD’s and help us launch a world wide International Campaign to get people supporting the training of Coral Gardeners – and then employing Coral Gardeners to work in their resort and educate the guests and staff … that planting a coral and caring about why you need to… will change your life!!!

Coral and Fish can’t talk – they can’t tell us what is wrong it is essential that we support this work and creatE an inspirational visual film is the ticket to getting people involved.


The Impact

You may wonder why do they need a film – Unfortunately many of the films made are not for the people doing the work so they have no direct tool to use. Often the films don’t do justice to the story and lyrical charm of the concept is lost.This film will give FRAGMENTS OF HOPE that opportunity. 

This campaign will pave the way of support for a Coral Gardening training next year where we envision training key personnel from all over the Caribbean to start creating their own coral gardens and encouraging local tourism support. Lisa has secured funding for 20 people to do a 3 day workshop, complete with manual and the fisheries department support in Belize. However, the grant proposal is now 24 months (instead of 12) so in all likely hood we are looking at a training in December 2015 / January 2016 –

We would like to double that amount of people and train people not only in the Caribbean but also in the Pacific.

Why is it important to make this film?

Their are many possibilities in this world and some are solutions… but their needs to be hope to drive these projects forward. Films are a magical way of giving people who possibly can never get to see the ocean and are disillusioned on how they may help the environment, a way to give back. It gives hope. It also can reach many many people today – through social media and in the internet…So it is money well spent.

Coral is a difficult one to sell in these difficult economic times because it looks pretty, but doesn’t do much… Where as trees and what nature gives us above sea level can be accessed by many more people…Yet coral is essential to our survival and they often say that if we loose the coral reefs then the rest will fall like a deck of cards… it is so uncanny that “small is beautiful” holds the key to survival on this planet.


Risks & Challenges

It would be wrong not to say that their are risks for any film shoot… we might come back with very little due to storms and bad weather, the spawning may be slight and fish may disappear…

– We will be taking out insurance regarding the above.

– We have been working on this project for nearly a decade so everybody is committed to making this work.

– If we don’t raise our full amount  we will take minimal crew – as we cannot afford to miss this opportunity of the spawning… otherwise we will shoot in August 2015 and possibly tail end a campaign for the Coral Gardening workshops we intend to launch at the end of this year 2014.

We are all highly experienced in the work we do and are able to make the best out of a difficult situation at any time.



Getting involved is what we want you to do…

1- If you have friends who dive or own aquariums – tell them about what we are doing.

2- You local aquatic shop – get them as a shop or as a aquarium hobbyist group to sponsor a Coral Gardener – Get In Touch.

3- Get your friends involved and raise funds to plant you own patch of reef.