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July 2014

There is someone for everyone. The wedding between two soul mates

I attended the 4th wedding of the year. I’m admittedly quite jaded and cynical when it comes to love. However,  after attending the last few weddings that showed me true love exists between soul mates, my faith in love has been restored once more. Thank you for including me in your wedding celebrations.

Congratulations to my friends on their wedding. May your love grow stronger everyday forevermore.

2. Cheongs wedding Cheongs IMG_20140726_220000

Sneak preview of Artist Daniel Brinsmead’s Project 9 exhibition at A2 Gallery for George Town Festival #GTF2014

daniel brinsmead A2 Gallery #GTF2014
Daniel brinsmead A2 Gallery #GTF2014


My friend and I got a sneak preview of Daniel Brinsmead’s Project 9 art exhibition at A2 Gallery this afternoon. The launch of the show is this Sunday but we were itching to take a look since the paintings were already up at the gallery. I love the colours and the naive type paintings. His style is so distinctive and some of his images are recurring. It looks like he draws stories from his own world and quirky imagination.

I’ve been talking to Dan about a collaboration maybe in the future but I got permission to do a series of paintings based on my reaction to these paintings of his.

I had a question I was pondering and I asked Dan this, do you get influenced by other peoples work, and both of us replied yes.

How about you, are you influenced by other peoples work either consciously or subconsciously?


Exhibition Invitation-Project9-a2 Gallery-Penang-2014-e-1



Sketch of the day no 386: Pandorea Jasminoide flower

10. Pandorea Jasminoides
Pandorea Jasminoide flower

A quick sketch of Pandorea Jasminoide flower. I may not be sketching for a while but I will fill my page with art from George Town Festival which starts this weekend!

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Eid celebrations local ‘Kampung’ style

kampung style home
100% recycled kampung style home

I celebrated Eid with my friends and her family in their 100% recycled “Kampung” house which they bought from a abandoned plot. They transported the old wooden house to this new place that they bought. It is surrounded by nature. This morning I was woken up by the sound of roosters and geese fighting!

Last night, they had a non traditional BBQ dinner but it was followed by a customary display of fireworks. I called it the war of fireworks because in the distant plor of land, another family were playing with fireworks and we were competing with each other. After about an hour, we raised the white flag and admitted defeat. They had far more spectacular fireworks on display, but we benefited from the show.

This morning, my friend and her father took her kids and her sisters kids to Gua tempurung, the local Limestone Karst. It is also the largest one in Peninsular Malaysia. It is estimated to be around 250 and 400 million years old.

This celebration brought back fond memories of my childhood when my friend and I used to hang out together as kids.

war of the fireworks
Celebrating eid with a traditional ‘war’ of the fireworks display with friends
Gua Tempurung 'Caving"
Gua Tempurung ‘Caving”

Wishing my muslim friends and family Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Eid Mubarak!

eid mubarak
Wishing eid mubarak and selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends

Today marks the end of Ramadan, the month long fasting from sunrise to sunset. Muslims greet each other with the words “maaf zahir dan batin”, which means “Forgive my physical and emotional (wrongdoings), it is also a celebration of unity. The Eid prayer is to ask for God’s forgiveness, mercy, peace and blessings for all living beings across the world.

In Malaysia, this is a 2 day public holiday but the celebration lasts all month. It is customary to have open houses where friends, families and neighbours are invited to celebrate over food, and this includes non Muslims in a show of unity.

Well, I’m off today to my friend’s open house to celebrate this day with her friends and family.

I wish you all forgiveness for my wrong doings, peace on earth and good blessings xx

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Sketch of the day no 385: Tiger Lily Flower Lilium Auratum

Tiger Lily Flower
Tiger Lily Flower

I wished I was as fresh as a Lily today but I feel more like a wilted flower. A friends wedding and a birthday party all in one night has zapped me of whatever life I had left! This is what happens when you hit your 40s. My mind thinks I can party but my body outright refuses. It tells me to crawl back into my cave where I belong…

Hope your Sunday will be more delightful than mine xx

Sketch of the day no 384: Tequila the (Ditsy) Dog

Tequila the dog
Tequila the dog

Tequila is my friend’s hyper active dog. She doesn’t sit still and she eats anything she can get to. She’s one of those dogs that if you leave a can of paint out, she will probably knock it over and eat it. She did that to a packet of curry powder. It was left on the kitchen counter by accident and she destroyed the packet and licked out every single bit of curry powder, and proceeded to vomit it out all over the floor. Not a smart thing to do for both owner and dog.

Do you have a crazy pet at home?

Andy the Vegetarian Ant Eater #FF

Andy the Ant Eater
Andy the Ant Eater

I developed this character a while back, along with Percy the Penguin and Terry the Tapir. This was the final one in the series of characters for kids. Andy is a warrior. He loves adventures and he is a defender of Peace. I added to his character that he is vegetarian ;p

Have a peaceful but adventure filled weekend!

Sketch of the day no 383: Penang Hawker Stall

Penang Hawker Stall
Penang Hawker Stall

Penang is famous for it’s street food sold from one of these push carts stalls. This one is all packed up and closed but it is really quintessentially Penang. Notice how the wheels are on bricks to stop it rolling and the gas tank at the front. I didnt draw it so clearly but at the top of the stall are boxes and newspapers.

If you get a chance, do try Penang food. It’s so good it’s been exported all over the world 🙂

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