I absolutely love this idea of ARTISTS 4 Peace. I’m all for art bringing positive energy to the world.

Rethinking Life

Wordifull Melanie commented on think about this…http://wordifull.com/

Mellanie has set up a blog called Artists 4 Peace.  It’s the beginning of something I hope will be wonderful.  Please read what she has to say and give us your ideas.  Thank you.

🙂 Well i just set up the basic blog, email and twitter addresses…We will still need to personalize and edit them.

Someone will need to act as administrator… i can send the logins/passwords to whomever we all decide upon. Or maybe we can have different moderators?

We maybe jumping the gun a bit…we need to see who is interested at this point. I just didn’t want the blog name to be taken.

The first thing is we really need is a logo. You could design the logo or Maybe you could post a call for logo submissions as you have more “artsy” followers than I do. Then we can…

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