daniel brinsmead A2 Gallery #GTF2014
Daniel brinsmead A2 Gallery #GTF2014


My friend and I got a sneak preview of Daniel Brinsmead’s Project 9 art exhibition at A2 Gallery this afternoon. The launch of the show is this Sunday but we were itching to take a look since the paintings were already up at the gallery. I love the colours and the naive type paintings. His style is so distinctive and some of his images are recurring. It looks like he draws stories from his own world and quirky imagination.

I’ve been talking to Dan about a collaboration maybe in the future but I got permission to do a series of paintings based on my reaction to these paintings of his.

I had a question I was pondering and I asked Dan this, do you get influenced by other peoples work, and both of us replied yes.

How about you, are you influenced by other peoples work either consciously or subconsciously?


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