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September 2014

A message from Lily the rescued #dog <3

Lily the rescued dog. Photo credit Constance
Lily the rescued dog. Photo credit Constance

I have left the Island once again and back to the city for some work. This message is from my beautiful Lily. How I will miss you xx


home is where the heart is
home is where the heart is


#Sketch #doodle of the day no 405. Have no fear of PERFECTION, you will never reach it ~ Salvador Dali

#doodle chandelier
#doodle chandelier

#Sketch #doodle of the day no 405 is a chandelier.

Have no fear of PERFECTION, you will never reach it ~ Salvador Dali

Do your best. Have a perfectly imperfect week xoxo

Bringing made in #Penang products to Little penang street #market

Bringing made in Penang products to Little penang street market
Bringing made in Penang products to Little penang street market

Last Sunday of the month is market stall day for me. It was a beautiful Sunday to be out with my friends bringing made in Penang arts and crafts to Little Penang street market. As you can see, we are truly an international mix and truly asia.

I would write more about it but hopefully the photos says it all.

I’m exhausted. Good night.

Home is where your heart is. Presenting Lily the rescued dog from Sai Kung, HK

10653346_10152918034992289_2014001580384331524_n 20140924_174956

Meet Lily the rescue dog and Constance her owner. Lily was rescued but my friend Constance in Hong Kong and now she lives here in Penang, Malaysia. They moved here about a month ago.

Welcome to Penang. ‘HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS’

We are lucky to have you in our lives xoxo


About CONSTANCE  and the great things she does:

Constance started her journey being a social worker in New York working with the homeless population living with mental-illness and HIV/AIDS. She also received a full scholarship from the New York City government to pursue her MSW. After moving to Hong Kong in 2010, she joined City University of Hong Kong and was in charge of running its university-wide service-learning program, in partnership with over 20 community organizations. We are so lucky to have her here in our community.

IAM 5.0
IAM 5.0

Constance will be giving a talk on HOMELESSNESS this SUNDAY at IAM 5.0. Click here for more info

Ideas Agent Meetup (IAM) provides a meeting ground for creative and innovative individuals to pitch their ideas and creative projects. …a bi-monthly gathering where TED-style presenter will provide big ideas researched, experienced or invented to inspire everyone to look into the subject from a new angle. Through this we aimed to provide a platform for people to socialise and share resources for ideas development, pitching and implementation.



New #PUG #art prints and greeting cards to go on sale at Little #Penang Street Market this Sunday


I love Pugs #Doodle


I love Pugs #Doodle

I love PUGS! They are so adorable and I just want to give them a big hug. Meet wrinkles. She is my friend’s faithful pug. She is the friendliest cutest dog with the saddest eyes. I find inspiration for my artwork all around me. I did a sketch of wrinkles recently and I gave this set to my friend Su for her birthday. It is her dog after all.

Uncle Rave asked me what do I do to make myself feel better. I borrow a dog and give it the biggest hug ;p

Try it! Feel better, hug a dog xoxo

Me and my girls with our little fury friends. The Pugs and Chiwawa
Me and my girls with our little fury friends. The Pugs and Chiwawa
Wrinkles the Pug seeing her sketch I did for the first time
Wrinkles the Pug seeing her sketch I did for the first time
I think Wrinkles is a bit shocked
I think Wrinkles is a bit shocked

The pug prints and cards will be available at my stall this Sunday at Little Penang Street Market, Upper Penang Road. Penang, Malaysia.

Price RM 10 for set of 3 cards

Price RM 50 for the Framed prints



Little Penang Street Market is a showcase of arts, crafts and live performances held every last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road.

Little Penang Street Market is a non-profit making community venture, organised by a small volunteer committee. It is organised under the umbrella of Penang Arts Council, a registered society founded in 1954.

In January 2013, the Little Penang committee comprises of James Lochhead, Eric Yeoh, Khoo Salma Nasution, Adrian Cheah and Lyndy Ong. Lyndy Ong is our present full-time worker. The Penang Arts Council is headed by Pamela Ong. The website and facebook page is maintained by Malvina Anthony.

The Little Penang Street Market was founded in July 2006 with a grant from the Institute for Cultural Enterprise, New York. Its establishment in the first year was spearheaded by Lestari Heritage Network. From the beginning it has been our philosophy to establish a “market place” for cultural entrepreneurs. Artists, musicians and entrepreneurs need access to their audience and customers, while the public wants to discover a diversity of talent and products.
By providing a “market place”, we thereby create a space for cultural incubation and creative evolution – entrepreneurs can meet their public and get real feedback on what they have to offer.

Little Penang has established itself as the premier monthly street market event and a key cultural performance venue in Penang. This has been done despite the shoe-string budgets on which the monthly markets run, and is testament to the efforts of the small organising committee and the response of stallholders and the public.

The market’s main mission is the nurturing and showcasing of Penang’s creativity in traditional and contemporary crafts and culture.

It does this by:

1 providing a low-cost venue whereby local artists, artisans and cultural entrepreneurs can sell directly to the public;

2 upgrading local arts, crafts and culture by providing design and marketing support to local artists, artisans and cultural entrepreneurs;

3 providing a venue whereby local Penang charities can showcase and sell their work, under Community Works;

4 providing a space for visual artists to display and sell their work;
providing a space for performance artists and groups to showcase their talents; emphasis is given to showcasing traditional cultural performances from the different Penang communities, as well as presenting contemporary performances from performers old and young;

5 hosting regular book readings and other literary discussion activities, to promote and nurture local writers and writing;

6 organising a variety of children’s activities, both to nurture talent and to enhance understanding of the cultural heritage of Penang.

The Little Penang Street Market is supported by the Municipal Council of Penang Island (MPPP) and a number of local businesses. One huge strength of the Market is that it is grounded in Penang’s community. The joy of Little Penang Street Market stalls, performances and exhibitions is that people of all ages and talents participate: established professionals take their place alongside producers and artistes who are new to selling, performing or displaying.

In facilitating this, Little Penang Street Market now occupies a strong position not just to play an important role in enhancing Penang’s creative capacity, but in a way which reaches out to a significant local and foreign audience. With its stress on sustainable and cultural tourism, and its commitment to community and talent, Little Penang Street Market is a unique asset helping drive Penang forward in the 21st Century.




#Doodle art of the day. Nothing can bring you #peace but yourself. Set your spirit free


I sketch, I doodle, I create because this makes me happy, and I’m at peace with it.

“Nothing can bring Peace but yourself” ~—

What do you do to make you happy and at peace with yourself?

Designer Pudsey Bears for Children in need 2011/12. Feeling inspired.

Designer Pudsey
Designer Pudsey
Designer Pudsey
Designer Pudsey

I was doing some research for my next project and I came across these adorable designer bears for Children in Need 2012. One off unique creations by fashion houses that were then auctioned off to raise money for the charity.

I am working on a little project to design t-shirts for bears. I have never done it before and I have no idea how to but I am feeling inspired after looking at these gorgeous bears.

My deadline is Friday. Hmmmm……..;p


About The Collection


Curated by LOVE editor and stylist Katie Grand, The Designer Pudsey 2012 Collection builds on last year’s success. Over 30 international and British designers have made a 28″ bear in their own inimitable style.

Each one unique, this stunning collection has seen the great and the good of fashion focusing their creative flair, individual approach, and occasional humour on Britain’s best-loved bear.

2012 sees Pudsey fashioned with a variety of different fabrics and techniques. From suede to leather, silk to Swarovski Crystals, the diverse designs reflect the creativity and breadth of the fashion industry.

Rainbows of colour from the world’s catwalks are reflected in this year’s ensemble. From the elegant restraint of Smythson’s powder-blue creation to the tinsel, gold and glitter of Hindmarch’s AW12 inspired bear. Signature fabrics, prints and motifs abound with McQueen’s Floral Pudsey; Sibling’s Punk Pudsey and Prada’s Schoolboy Pudsey all informed by contemporary collections. The unparalleled heritage of Gucci is embodied in their Equestrian Pudsey and Burberry’s English Gentleman Pudsey sports their iconic trench coat.

Classic to cutting edge, avant-garde to traditional: The Collection is a visually stunning representation of the diverse talent involved in this year’s project.

The star-studded 2012 line-up includes: Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Loewe, Sibling, Mulberry, Giles Deacon made with Swarovski Elements, Katie Hillier, Henry Holland, Louis Vuitton, Jonathan Saunders, Selfridges, Alexander McQueen, Smythson, Victoria Beckham, Prada, Donatella Versace, Missoni, Pucci, Gucci, Norton and Sons, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fendi, Balenciaga, Anya Hindmarch, Vogue, GQ, Kate Spade New York and Tom Ford.

Before making its way to Christie’s for auction the Collection was displayed in Selfridges, allowing the public the opportunity to view these beautiful creations first hand. Many of the Bears also made a cameo in Selfridges’ famous Christmas windows.

The 2012 Designer Pudsey Collection is an example of how designers really are making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. BBC Children in Need sends a big thank you to everyone involved in bringing this rather fabulous collection together.

by Designer Pudsey

Designer Pudsey
Designer Pudsey

The designers include: Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Loewe, Sibling, Mulberry, Giles Deacon made with Swarovski Elements, Katie Hillier, Henry Holland, Louis Vuitton, Jonathan Saunders, Selfridges, Alexander McQueen, Smythson, Victoria Beckham, Prada, Donatella Versace, Missoni, Pucci, Gucci, Norton and Sons, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fendi, Balenciaga, Anya Hindmarch, Vogue, GQ, Kate Spade New York and Tom Ford.

The Lost Giant exhibition at Hin bus art depot, Penang

The Lost Giant Exhibition, Hin Bus Art Depot


the reception filled with nostalgic snacks from our childhood in penang

10665893_10152906875012289_827332388547224824_n  10675556_10152906874027289_628004645127984052_n 10712778_10152906831342289_6083094955107256916_n


Penang artists
Penang artists supporting the opening of the exhibition


The exhibition was officially launched on the evening of 20.9.2014 at the Hin Bus Art Depot, Penang
The exhibition will continue to be open to public
from 21.9.2014 till 20.10.2014
Daily from 12pm – 7pm
for further enquiries may contact:

This exhibition is an ode to the people of Penang, a collective effort by individuals whom together share this island we call home, Penang is definitely not just a place for retirement, but to live, play, make and inspire.

Kompleks Tunku Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) Completed construction during the late eighties, as part of a master plan to modernise the city of George Town. After twenty odd years, KOMTAR, an icon of Penang, remains abandon in many ways, some call it the white elephant, we name it THELOSTGIANT as it has lost its key directions and remains lost in the heart of George Town, Penang. It’s presents forever stamped in our collective memory.

Penang is known for many things, it’s street food, hospitality, street art, heritage, everything is within arms reach, nothing too far, the weather is an eternal summer, a melting pot of culture. It has been sited among one of best place for retirement in Forbes.

Much have been said and blab about this wonderful island, yet everyday we hear stories of lost hopes and shattered dreams that saddens our inner soul, and question us on the reason to stay on this island we call home. What should we do to protect what we hold dear of, to think forward and take action to not let Penang fall into the faith of becoming just another disneyfied city.




Sunday, a day to reflect. Paulo Coelho on signs and omens

It’s been a busy hectic week for work and emotions have run high. My monkey mind is all over the place. Lack of sleep. Sunday is a day to reflect. I’m watching Paulo Coelho on signs.

Don’t miss the signs because we want to over complicate things. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us but we have to be open minded to see the solutions.


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