The Lost Giant Exhibition, Hin Bus Art Depot


the reception filled with nostalgic snacks from our childhood in penang

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Penang artists
Penang artists supporting the opening of the exhibition


The exhibition was officially launched on the evening of 20.9.2014 at the Hin Bus Art Depot, Penang
The exhibition will continue to be open to public
from 21.9.2014 till 20.10.2014
Daily from 12pm – 7pm
for further enquiries may contact:

This exhibition is an ode to the people of Penang, a collective effort by individuals whom together share this island we call home, Penang is definitely not just a place for retirement, but to live, play, make and inspire.

Kompleks Tunku Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) Completed construction during the late eighties, as part of a master plan to modernise the city of George Town. After twenty odd years, KOMTAR, an icon of Penang, remains abandon in many ways, some call it the white elephant, we name it THELOSTGIANT as it has lost its key directions and remains lost in the heart of George Town, Penang. It’s presents forever stamped in our collective memory.

Penang is known for many things, it’s street food, hospitality, street art, heritage, everything is within arms reach, nothing too far, the weather is an eternal summer, a melting pot of culture. It has been sited among one of best place for retirement in Forbes.

Much have been said and blab about this wonderful island, yet everyday we hear stories of lost hopes and shattered dreams that saddens our inner soul, and question us on the reason to stay on this island we call home. What should we do to protect what we hold dear of, to think forward and take action to not let Penang fall into the faith of becoming just another disneyfied city.