I stumbled upon this festival by accident over the weekend. It is a festival to celebrate local products and music. There are so many talented people in my country but we need to wake up to realise this and appreciate our own talent. Support the best talent, not just foreign talent. The best could be amongst us if only we bother to open our eyes look.

The set up was a talk by 8 leaders in their field.  Afiq from Taik Jeans was one of my favourites.

tarik jeans
tarik jeans brand philosophy

There was also a market with 120 local brands. Below are some of my favourites.

Verdez Olivia
The Gents Den. Suavecito


Suavecito the barber
Original Malaysian Goods OMG juices



AGENDA LOKALISM… Celebrating local ventures, brands, and entrepreneurs.


Agenda Lokalism The Manifesto

The time has come
For us now
To not just exist for the sake of existence

But to stand up
And be counted
As one of the greats

Let us prove our worth
Let us gain your loyalty
Let us conquer your hearts

Not because it is any birth right
Or sympathy nor charity
But for our sheer hard work, quality, and sincerity

The time is now to show the world
And prove to your selves
That you have what it takes to be GREAT

So support us not because we are local,
Support us because we rock your world.


AGENDA LOKALISM is a targeted campaign, as well as a series of events to engage with youth entrepreneurship community and aspiring entrepreneurs to expose, create opportunities, and assist in their business development.

Spanning across 2-3 days, AGENDA LOKALISM promises to be the most awesome showcase on startups and local brands in youth lifestyle.