My heart melts watching this. The kids from the Salako tribe, Sarawak, singing The Way I am. This is why I fell in love with them. They learnt to sing this song so quickly but yet they could barely string a sentence together in English. Singing is really an amazing way to teach kids English. We also used this activity to ask them to translate the words into Malay so that they understood the meaning of what they were singing.

The star of the week was also KIKI the Eukele that belongs to Mika. The kids would greet us good morning and then they would also greet KIKI good morning. GOOD MORNING KIKI ;p

Truly amazing and inspiring!


Salako Indigenous Tribe

Also known as: Selako Dayak, Selakau, Salakau, Salako, Silakau. There are not more than 20,000 of them left. A very rare minority group. They have settled around the Lundu district in Sarawak on the island of Borneo and around the Indonesian border. They are mainly Christians.