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January 2015

Tropfest SEA roughcut. Spending the day learning about the movie industry


Today I spent the day attending Tropfest SEA roughcut, a movie industry symposium featuring regional speakers from the movie and animation industries. 
Tropfest is the world’s largest short film festival.
I’m not a movie buff but I enjoy learning new things and this was my chance to learn about the movie industry.


My favourite part was the talk about animation.  I am interested to develop some of my animal character drawings into cartoon characters. These were the key people to listen to and to meet.


Sullivan Stapleton who was in the movie 300 spoke about life as an actor. I haven’t watched the movie so I had no idea who he is.

Comedian Kumar

Kumar, the most popular comedian from Singapore talked about the serious side of business. He is indeed a funny man. This was the first time I’ve seen him live. He dealt with the serious side of business with humour.

Chris Doyle at roughcut sea

The legendary cinematographer Chris Doyle shared his work and vision. Born in Australia but based in Hong Kong, Chris Doyle is known for Chinese movies Hero (2002) in the mood for love (2000) and Chungking express (1994)

Sue tan, saw teong hin, chris doyle

My friend Sue Tan who is an actress partying with Chris Doyle and local director Saw Teong Hin and people from the local movie industry at China House, Penang.

Sketch no 506 in my art journal: Drunk on Somersby


Today’s sketch of the day in my art journal is a bottle of Somersby apple cider that my friend was drinking last night and then she fell asleep after half a bottle because she normally doesn’t drink.  This drawing is for her cos if was hysterically funny to watch.

Sketch of the day no 505 in my art journal: fun retro pattern #tgif


Sketch of the day in my art journal is a fun retro pattern with diamonds and heart shapes. I think it could be used as a textile print.  I found inspiration from a vintage 60s dress that I like.
Weekend question. Something to think about. What do you think I could do with my designs?

Sketch of the day no 504 in my art journal: buy local. Made in Malaysia Vodka.


Sketch of the day in my art journal is a Made in Malaysia Vodka. Im not sure how deadly it is but I have a sinking feeling that it could be. Got to try though!

Sketch of the day no 503 in my art journal: black and white brand. Made in #Penang.


Sketch of the day in my art journal is a Black and White brand of alcohol which is bottled in Penang. I’m not sure what it is exactly but it costs RM9 in the shop.


So I went down to the shop that makes the local alcohol and spoke to the lady who works there. Such an interesting little Shop. They make and bottle 2 brands of alcohol and they sell other brands wholesale. All local Malaysian brands. I didnt even know this until a few days ago. I now have lots to draw!
Learn something new everyday.

Sketch of the day no 502 in my art journal: the evolution of the post box in penang

Evolution of Post box Penang

Sketch of the day in my art journal shows the evolution of the post box in Penang. The oldest one is found in Penang Hill and dates from the late 1800s and the others are the modern ones found in Georgetown. It’s fun to still find the old and new coexisting.
I love my hometown for this!

Sketch of the day no 501 in my art journal: The first step is the hardest ~ stewart the seagull


Oops almost forgot to post this up. I was a bit busy being tour guide to some friends visiting.
Sketch of the day in my art journal: The first step is the hardest ~ stewart the seagull

Why keeping a (travel) journal?

Agreed! Well said 🙂

Letters From The Field

An opinion. In which benefit and use of keeping a diary is advocated.

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Sketch of the day no 500 in my art journal: Hola! I feel so alive♡♡

Ostrich drawing

Sketch of the day no 500 in my art journal: Hola! I feel so alive.
Today is a huge milestone for me. 500 sketches and still going. I remember my first few sketches almost 2 years ago. I was in provence when my mentor Floating Lemons inspired me to start this sketch a day challenge. To be honest, I was happy completing my first week of sketches and never did I think that I would still be sketching today. It goes to show how strong an engine passion is. ♡
Happy Sunday xx

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