Musee Alpin, Chamonix

Today the weather wasn’t great for me. Visibilty looked bad so I decided not to go skiing. Instead, I went to visit the Alpine Museum in Chamonix town.  The museum is in a beautiful palace like building.  It displays the history of the valley including print making, alpinism, skiing and tourism.

Print making and cartography

I particularly enjoyed learning about printmaking and why it was useful in the 18th century. Printmaking made reproduction possible. It appealed and was accessible to the masses. Tourists who started to arrive en masse to Chamonix during the golden age of alpinism created demand for souvenirs that they could take home. These prints were mainly made by engraving on metal plates. Cartography and landscape prints were popular.
As techniques improved, artists were able to become more creative with their designs.
Printmaking is a skill I really want to explore. I love the retro stylised Chamonix posters. They capture the glamourous golden age of skiing.

Chamonix retro vintage poster