Grayson Perry's Small differences exhibition at Pera Museum Istanbul

Yesterday was the opening exhibition of  “Small Differences”  works of iconic British artist Grayson Perry at the Pera Museum Istanbul.
I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this exhibition. Grsyson Perry is one of my favourite artists. Like Perry, I have an interest in the everyday life of society. Perry’s main themes are class and consumerism, religion and ideas around belief and identity.
“Turkey is a country that has such a rich and alive traditional culture compared to Britain.  I piggy back a lot of my work on an amalgamation of various local cultures from around the globe. .. I’m a node in a web of influences, and through the things that inspire me in museums and art books, I draw in connections from lots of different cultures” Grayson Perry.
I couldn’t have described this better than Grayson Perry.

Wise Alan. Grayson Perry