The final chapter to Breakfast in Istanbul by Brian Martin-Onraet.


“What is that Daddy? A dragon?”

“Yes, Tiffany, it is the family dragon. It‘s been in the family for more than a hundred years.”

“That’s what Lung means, right, Daddy? Dragon? I even know how to write it!”

“Very well, Tiffany. Show me.”

I stuck my tongue between my teeth. Took my time and proudly wrote:


“Very good Tiffany. Now that is the simplified version for Dragon. Next time, you will try the classical form. Here, let me show you.” He took a small brush out of a drawer, a bottle of black ink that always sat on his desk and wrote in a few,swift, elegant strokes, on the same piece of paper:


I have kept that piece of paper. Hoarded preciously in my treasure box. Dragons in the West are fearful creatures. For us in China, well, I’m Malaysian, but for our people in China, the Dragon is a…

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