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August 2017

Wishing Malaysians Selamat hari Merdeka! 

Selamat hari Merdeka Malaysia

Today we celebrate 60 years of independence. Wishing all Malaysians Selamat hari Merdeka! 

Digital drawing no 42: Green eyed gecko. Gekko Smithii 

Green eyed gecko. Gekko smithii

There was a fly on the wall… 

Digital drawing of the day is of Gary the Green eyed gecko. 😊

Digital drawing no 41: Hugo the wire haired daschund. 🐶

Wire Haired Daschund

It’s a lazy Sunday. I love to sleep and eat. 

Digital drawing of the day is of Hugo the wire haired daschund. 🐶

I’m strong enough to walk alone. Digital drawing no 40: Malayan Tiger. 

Malayan tiger

Good morning. 

I’m strong enough to walk alone. 

Digital drawing of the day is of the Endangered Malayan Tiger. Panthera tigris jacksoni. 

Tropical Mural by Banana Palm and monstera. 

Tropical Mural. Banana Palm and monstera

I often get bored and side tracked from what I’m supposed to be doing on a given day. Some people may say I have a lack of discipline and focus. I cannot deny that. Admittedly as a creative I have a hard time doing the same thing everyday. I need to mix it up. Sometimes I go out, sometimes I go exercise, sometimes I clean my place and sometimes this happens, I paint walls in my home.

This project took 2 days. I did it in between other projects. I love to multi task although I’m pretty bad at it. I can start several projects at one go and keep adding to the list. Without deadlines, some projects don’t get finished. By chance this mural got done pretty efficiently. 

I’m pleased with the finished result. Hope you like it too. 

Now back to some real work… 

Digital drawing no 39: Barred eagle owl. Bubo sumatranus. 

Barred eagle owl. Bubo sumatranus

I am hungrier than i look. 

Digital drawing of the day is of a juvenile Barred eagle owl. Bubo sumatanus. 

Digital drawing of the day no 38: Pink flamingos. 

Pink flamingos

I love flamingos. Do you? 

Digital drawing of the day is of Pink flamingos.
Have a beautiful week. 

Digital drawing no 37: water pistol. 

Water pistol : weapon of mass happiness

Happy Monday! 

Digital drawing of the day is of an orange water pistol which is a Weapon of mass happiness. 

Digital drawing no 36: sock gremlin.

Sock gremlin

Ever wonder where your sock went? Digital drawing of the day is of the cheeky sock gremlin. He steals my goggles too. 😬

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