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March 2019

Tabasco sauce drawing


How hot can you take your pepper sauce?
Sketch of the day no 1207 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of Tabasco

Hellman’s real squeezy mayonnaise

Hellmans real squeezy mayonnaise

Who loves Mayo?
Sketch of the day no 1206 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of Hellman’s real squeezy mayonnaise.

My sketchbook is filled with things I love, things that bring me joy, a moment in time and most of all happy memories.

Some days I am so exhausted I can’t get out of bed but there’s still no excuse not to draw something in my sketchbook that makes me happy. ✨

It don’t run run run… Heinz tomato Ketchup

Heinz tomato sauce

It don’t run run run…who else knows the ketchup song?
Sketch of the day no 1205 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of Heinz Ketchup.

Happy St Patrick’s day

Happy st Patrick’s day

Happy St Patrick’s day to all my Irish friends. This is an art work I submitted for a competition a few years ago inspired my Irish poet Stephen James and Samuel Beckett.

It features Stephen the Seagull and Friends.


Celebrating Malaysian women in arts on international women’s day.

Celebrating Malaysian women in arts. Tiffany Choong.

Penang art district celebrates Malaysian women in arts with this list and I’m in it.

Thank you very much for including me. It is an honour to be recognised for my work.

Follow the link for the full list of Malaysian women artists.

Who loves Sinful Sundays? ❤️

Sinful Sundays

Sugar filled Sinful Sundays ❤️
These tarts are from my favourite restaurant and bakery Tray Cafe in kl.
Sketch of the day no 1204 in my moleskine sketchbook are some yummy tarts

Colour inspiration day: pink

My moleskine sketchbook

I woke up and decided that today is going to be a pink inspiration day.

Sketch of the day no 1203 in my moleskine sketchbook: all things pink

Historic vessel vega wooden boat drawing

Historic vessel vega

This one is for my friends Historic Vessel Vega. I love what you do, you are both so inspiring and I want everyone to know about what you do as an example to the world.
It was such an honour to have met you 5 years ago and I am sad our paths have not crossed again but hopefully in the near future. Till our next encounter 🙏

Go check them out.❤️

Facebook: historic vessel vega

IG : HV_Vega

Sketch of the day no 1202 in my moleskine sketchbook: historic vessel vega

The Historical Vessel Vega, run by the most inspiring couple, Shane and Meggi, delivers roughly 20 tons of donated educational and medical supplies to isolated island communities in Indonesia.

They have dedicated their lives to this mission since 2004 and even helped deliver supplies to the Indonesian islands after the Tsunami.

Recently their 130 year old wooden boat and home sank. The boat is being salvaged but there is a lot of damage to be repaired.

If you would like to contribute to help Historic Vessel Vega and the island communities they assist here is a link.

Historic Vessel Vega Humanitarian Mission Update 2. Pls help to reblog and share their story.

Update 2. March 2019


The Historical Vessel Vega, run by an inspiring couple, Shane and Meggi, delivers roughly 20 tons of donated educational and medical supplies to isolated island communities in Indonesia.

They have dedicated their lives to this mission since 2004 and even helped deliver supplies to the Indonesian islands after the Tsunami.

If you would like to contribute to help Vega and the island communities we assist here is a link.

Image may contain: 15 people, people smiling, child



Earlier in the year, in March 2014, I wrote about meeting the couple behind the Historical Vega Humantiarian Mission. Captain Shane Granger and Meggi Macoun were the most inspiring and passionate people I have ever met. I met them when they docked at Straits Quay Penang to collect donations for schools in the remote areas of Indonesia and East Timor areas. They were looking for school bags, school supplies, musical instruments and medical supplies. They had a list of things that people could donate. They didnt want money, they wanted specific things which involved people having to go out to buy or donate from their homes or schools. It gives people a sense of involvement. It surely did for me. I got a few of my friends to donate money so that I could go out to buy musical instruments for the school band.

School and medical supplies aboard the Historical Vessel Vega.
offloading the supplies onto the small boat

When I spoke to them and asked them why they are doing this instead of giving to charities, they replied that by the time big NGOs finish their meetings and talking, they would have have done much more themselves, and true to their word, they have indeed accomplished that.

Every year they collect about 20 tons of school and medical supplies from Penang, Singapore and Jakarta. Ports along their sailing route. They pick up and then they deliver to all the schools that they have identified over the years. They have been doing this relentlessly for 10 years. The whole trip takes almost a year depending on the winds and repair works on the boat. Then they sail back to Thailand where they are based and they start all over again.

It is so heartwarming to see the faces of the kids receiving their school bags equipped with a set of school supplies inside. It’s so emotional for me to look at the photos it makes me want to cry. I know how hard it has taken them to reach E. Timor. All the things that went wrong along the way, but still, they made it. Eliza, one of the volunteers onboard told me she was going to leave in July to go back to work, but I am so happy to see that she saw it through. I’m slightly jealous that I wasnt there with them. I asked Shane if I could go the day I met him, he said no. I went to see them almost everyday for the whole week and a half they were docked in Penang and by the end of their stay, Shane actually said yes to me coming onboard as a volunteer, but I chickened out for fear of being sea sick, which is such a lame excuse for because I was too scared I couldn’t heck the trip. It is gruelling. I know. I’ve followed them all the way through on facebook.

The photos are of the school supplies being delivered to Biamaraem primary school. One of the many schools that will receive school supplies that have been donated.

10624920_695748460494388_4372084152164902705_n 10612799_695796567156244_116758198333765729_n 1910646_695798230489411_9074694363826755403_n 10426854_695798033822764_1315833391050376703_n 10570452_695797203822847_9201208253972209760_n 10593114_695797793822788_5154507771138331664_n 10603962_695797697156131_3640701733364479175_o 10606385_695798693822698_3933310709147608219_n

Thank you to Historic Vessel Vega.  Hope to see you all on the journey home xx

All the photos are taken from Historical Vessel Vega. Photo credit Meggi Macoun and Shane Granger

“Aidabaslala school is in Bobonaro District and consists of a Pre school & Primary School section. The average family in that area has 6 children. That means a lot of children want to start their education now. Support for the very young is a priority, they are the next generation. Due to financial problems too many children drop out of school. Over 70% of children leave school before reaching year 9. The highest rate of dropouts occurs in the first two years of primary school.

On the day of our visit there where 85 students present. All received Kits-4-Kids bags.The Vega team had prepared special supplies bags for the teachers. 2 large boxes with general school supplies and footballs which where handed over to the head mistress. This year we had volunteers from the East Timor Maritime Police and Customs helping with the schools visits. The Kits-4-Kids Schoolbags were donated by students from the GESS German European School Singapore and students from Penang Malaysia. School-supplies were donated by Montessori kindergarten, Uplands, Dalat and CGL international schools and Tinker Bell couture Penang. Many thanks also to all the individuals who contributed, especially the nice folks in Singapore and Penang, Malaysia. As always if you like what we are doing please do share these pics with your friends.” ~Historical Vessel Vega

10604652_695846973817870_8211221720088667616_o 10606214_695846897151211_7692634251841457716_n

Eliza handing out schoolbags and toothbrushes
Eliza handing out schoolbags and toothbrushes

For more info do follow their journey on facebook. They will be doing more deliveries. Maybe you would like to donate or be a volunteer.

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