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Thanx for stopping by my blog! This blog is about my journey as the Crazy Bag Lady. Follow me on my random adventure, and look through my eyes to see what inspires me as I make sense of the world as an artist πŸ™‚

Born on the historical island of Penang, I’m a quirky, fun loving free spirit, vegetarian, wanderer, dreamer and boho! I’m the Crazy bag lady who illustrates and designs for Bulan Lifestyle. I’m trying to make a living doing what I love best!

I’ve recently been set a challenge by FloatingLemons, to do a sketch a day. She has been my mentor and she is an inspiration to me. Before meeting her in March 2013, I had lost direction and focus. She has nudged me back on the right track.

Follow me to see how long I last. I do need encouragement and support so please feel free to drop by and comment.



I am a dreamer. Following my dream and being true to myself has been the starting point of this journey, and the journey has begun.

I am a free spirit. I’ve spent many years exploring different paths and trying to connect the dots. I love to travel, wander, explore new places and learn new things, but ultimately I was searching for a creative outlet.

Bulan has been a dream of mine for a long time, I traveled with it, I dreamt about it, but it only became a reality in Dec 2010. The time was right and I was finally ready to take the leap of faith.

My vision for Bulan is about balancing what I love and believe.Β  My wish is to share it with as many people as possible. My love of art, my wandering nature, and my sense of ethics have become the guiding principles of my brand.



I wanted a name that embodies all things beautiful, good and spiritual. I toyed with a few names but decided on the word β€œmoon”. Furthermore, this has been my dream project, so for me, the moon symbolizes this. Bulan means moon in Malay and Indonesian.

My logo started off as just a ring representing the moon but soon evolved to include a dream catcher within it and eventually sprouting wings. The entire evolution reflects how this project has grown.

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon

Oct 1 2013. I started a new brand called matahari, meaning sun in Malay.

Matahari Logo
Matahari Logo


Bulan’s philosophy is to β€œset your spirit free”

Drawing inspiration from children’s books, nature and vintage Nonya wares and textiles, Bulan’s simple yet quirky cartoon style illustration captures the spirit of childlike innocence, the bright colours of Nonya taste, and the wholesomeness of nature