Sometimes I still dream ~ Stewart the seagull

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This blog is about my journey navigating through life as an artist.

Join me on my random adventure, and look through my eyes to see what inspires me as I make sense of our world.

I started this as a challenge proposed to me by my mentor FloatingLemons in 2013, to do a sketch a day.

I have since completed 1000 sketches and today, I still sketch often but no longer on a daily basis.


Born on the historical spice trade island of Penang, with wings of a free spirit, my wanderlust cravings and curiosity for new experiences lured me to different parts of the world. I have studied and worked in the UK, France, Tanzania and Singapore.

I have many stories to tell and my art journal, also my trusted travelling companion, is the platform I have chosen to use to share my stories. You can follow my sketches here and on my social media feeds.

My sketches capture what I feel and see, be it from my travels or sitting still. The process is in itself a journey, from sight, to mind, to heart, to paper.

Being rather nomadic, this blog has connected me to the world. It has inspired many people to start their own creative journeys and in turn, it has fueled my own journey.

I have learnt a lot about myself and by retrospectively looking back at my huge collection of sketches and illustrations, I have discovered what is important to me, how I view the world but most importantly, I have discovered who I am.

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Set your spirit free,

Tiffany Choong xoxo


2014 May   “Chairity” group exhibition organized by National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) at The Edge Gallery, KL

2015 Mar   “Femmes Plurielles” all women group exhibition organized by   Alliance Francaise at The Star Pitt, Penang

2015 Aug   “MyDesign” Group product exhibition in conjunction with George Town Festival (GTF)

2017 Nov   “8” All women group exhibition at China House Gallery

2018 Feb   “Treasures of a Straits Chinese” Solo Exhibition G Hotel Gurney

2018 Aug   “Window Display” Group exhibition by George Town Festival



2014/5       My

2014 Aug   E+O Hotel

2014 Dec   Bintang the Starwood Hotel and resorts bear for Christmas, KL

2015 Sep   The HABITAT Penang Hill

2015 Aug   Penang colouring book by We are artists for George Town Festival

2016 Jan   Batu Batu resort, Malaysia

2017 Dec   Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia



I wanted a name that embodies all things beautiful, good and spiritual. I toyed with a few names but decided on the word “moon”. Furthermore, this has been my dream project, so for me, the moon symbolizes this. Bulan means moon in Malay and Indonesian.

My logo started off as just a ring representing the moon but soon evolved to include a dream catcher within it and eventually sprouting wings. The entire evolution reflects how this project has grown.

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon

Oct 1 2013. I started a new brand called matahari, meaning sun in Malay.

Matahari Logo