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A heartwarming Malaysia day story πŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸŒΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ

A heartwarming Malaysia day story.

As we were driving home, my friend noticed a lady standing by the side of the road next to her car and asked me to stop to check if the lady needed help. (I secretly didn’t want to stop because we hear of stories of how it’s a trap where you get robbed by hidden thugs. I still have ptsd from my past experience) Anxiously I stopped the car…
My friend Belinda James went to ask the lady if she was OK and found out that she had a flat tyre.
“Do you want to help her?”
“I can’t help, I don’t know how to change a tyre!”
“I do, it won’t take long” replied my friend Belinda.
“Oh ok then” I replied feeling helpless.
My friend went back to the lady and helped her to move the car out of a dangerous spot and continued with the mission.
I was still sitting in my car with, it was raining.
Soon after I noticed a guy on a bike had stopped and was talking to them.
At that point I got out of the car to start recording. My own bias was what if the guy is going to rob us? I felt a bit anxious to be honest.
As time passed, it appeared that he was genuinely helping to change the tyres and he did an extremely thorough job.
At the end, the Indian lady offered him some money but he refused to the point the lady had to force him to take it.
This story really gave me some faith back in humanity at a time when I needed it.
Thank you Azrin. You not only saved the Indian Auntie but you saved me too.

Happy Malaysia day. To peace and unity πŸ™

Vegan bruschetta


You are what you eat.
Sketch no 1416. Vegan bruschetta. This is how my meals look like now since giving up dairy…

What type of tart are you?

Strawberry tart

Happy Monday. What type of tart are you?
Sketch no 1415: strawberry tart πŸ“

Waffles and ice cream

Waffles and ice cream

What’s your favourite topping?
Sketch of the day no 1414. Waffles and ice cream.
I’ve given up dairy since lockdown in March just as an experiment from watching the game changer. I’ve been vegetarian for over 3 decades and I thought what heck, let’s try this and see what happens.
It’s been 6 months and I don’t feel any noticeable changes in any way nor in my workout recoveries. I am however highly allergic to dairy now. I had some yoghurt yesterday and my body went into shock so it means I may continue to be plant based for a bit longer. I haven’t decided. Let’s see what happens. ο€―
If you’ve reached this far, have you gone plant based and how do you feel or have you considered to go plant based? ☘️

Blue and white : Kingfisher

Blue and white ginger jar

Studying symbols is interesting. It is a forgotten visual language that I want to share. Meanings of Symbols like the spoken language change over time and are influenced by different cultures and time.
In Chinese culture, the Kingfisher is a symbol of feminine beauty, wealth and social standing. In Ancient Greece, days of calm and peacefulness are called Halcyon (kingfisher) days. The arabesque influenced floral “sweet pea” scrolls symbolise a long life filled with growth.
I use symbols in my art as a way to communicate and explore the subject of my personal identity and hence a microcosm of all identities which I feel is made up of tiny fragments over time to make a whole. The way symbols in art work together to tell a story.

Blue and white : Kingfisher
Acrylic on paper
Size A4

DM me to purchase or to find out more about my work.

Blue and white ginger jar : Dragon meets dragonfly

Blue and white ginger jar

This piece is inspired when the Dragonfly came to my balcony and stayed overnight and only left after I started to paint again. Before her arrival, I was going through a bit of a mental block. I hadn’t been painting for 2 weeks and I didn’t know how to snap out of this feeling of despair. Sometimes, time out is needed. The stillness allows me to reflect and connect with the energy and nature around me in order to reboot and rebalance. πŸ™

Blue and White : Dragon meets dragonfly
Acrylic on acid free paper
Size: A4. Unframed.

Blue and white double happiness ginger jar

Blue and white double happiness ginger jar

I absolutely love blue and white Chinese ceramics and especially the ginger jars. They remind me of my childhood growing up in Penang. My family home was filled with Chinese antiques, a memory of my ancestors who came from China to build a better future in what was then Malaya. I love birds and seeing them gives me hope and I love their sense of freedom. I’ve paired these two together to bring joy, hope and happiness.

Blue and White : Double happiness with Sunbird
Acrylic on acid free paper
Size: A4. Unframed.

Torch ginger with Blue and white ginger jar

Blue and white ginger jar

Hello September and happy full moon! I’m not sure how we made it here but I’m hoping it’s all uphill from here πŸ™

Hope you like this one of the torch ginger flower and the blue and white ginger jar depicting a phoenix and peonies.

Blue and White : Torch ginger flower 
Acrylic on acid free paper
Size: A4. Unframed.

DM me purchase

Durian flower with blue and white ginger jar

Blue and white ginger jar with crane and bat symbols

Blue and White : Red Durian flower with crane and bat
Acrylic on acid free paper
Size A4
RM 600 (USD 150)

Bat (fu 蝠)
The bat is a symbol of happiness and joy. The Chinese for bat (fu 蝠) sounds identical to the word for good fortune(fu 福) making bats a popular Chinese rebuses.
Crane (he ιΉ€)
The crane is a symbol of longevity because it lives a long life and its white feathers stand for old age.
It also represents high status as the crane is regarded as β€˜a bird of the first rank’ in the imperial
hierarchy. Flying cranes symbolises a wish or hope to become an official in a higher position.

Source: British museum

Traditional Blue and white Chinese porcelaine jars were used to carry spices like ginger. In this painting, I have matched the fragrant Durian flower with this ginger jar because of the crane and bat motifs on the design. Bats are the main pollinators of the durian flower and the King of fruits is native to Malaysia.

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