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The pink tiffin carrier

Pink tiffin carrier

The pink tiffin carrier.
Yes or no? Food is best shared with the people you love. 🌹

Mixed media on acid free paper
Size 410 x 295 mm

Available from my Etsy shop. .

The purple tiffin carrier.

Purple tiffin carrier

Happy Monday.
Now that I have painted these nostalgic traditional lunch boxes from my childhood, it’s time to learn to cook the food that goes inside.

The purple tiffin carrier .

Mixed media on acid free paper
Size 410 x 295 mm

Price RM 600

The red tiffin carrier.

Red tiffin carrier

The red tiffin carrier. These remind me of my childhood when they were used to bring food from my grandma’s house to our house for lunch in Penang. It’s our local version of a traditional lunch box.

Mixed media on acid free paper
Size 410 x 295 mm

Time is ticking…

Time is ticking

When I was younger time and energy was abundant, it was never something I thought about. Now time feels limited and energy is on reserve. It’s made me revalue my life and prioritise better how I want to spend the rest of my time on Earth 🌍

Time is ticking.
Mixed media on paper.

Size 305 x 230 mm

Goat Skull

Goat skull

This is another piece of artwork from my London trip. I was definitely more productive then I remembered.

You can escape from living your life but you cannot escape death.

Mixed media on paper.
Size 305 x 230 mm.

Life is short.

Golden skull

I forgot I had done this in London whilst I was going through my skull phase. I often think of death and my time left on earth. Sometimes I get depressed, sometimes it spurs me to get on with living my life to the fullest ☠️💀

Mixed media on paper.

Size 305 x 230 mm

Price USD 200

Be one with nature.


Be one with nature. Have a beautiful Monday and I wish you a creative week ❤️

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

This is a commission piece which has taken me quite a long time to complete because sometimes I get a block and I can’t start or finish a painting until I’ve worked it out in my head.

Life is beautiful.
Acrylic on canvas.
Size 600 x 600 mm x 2

This piece is all about celebrating life in all it’s beauty and I hope my art brings with it a good balance of positive vibes, love and light to its new home in Singapore. 🏡 🌹

Frieze art fair London 2018

Frieze art fair in regents Park London 2018

I managed to catch Frieze art fair in Regents Park, London this trip.
Frieze London features more than 160 of the world’s leading galleries. View and buy art from over 1,000 of today’s leading artists, and experience the fair’s critically acclaimed curated sections and Talks programme.

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