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Breakfast in Istanbul. Part 2.

Breakfast in Istanbul by Brian Martin-Onraet (part 2). A must read short story inspired by my daily sketches


10 Cheong sam-A

I needed to get dressed for that party the Philosopher had invited me to. And, of course, I had nothing to wear. Please do not smile my reader friend. That is always a delicate matter. The little black dress (Oh Tiffany! Oh, Givenchy!) is of course, always a possibility. But no. Too easy. I wondered why I’d paid 40 bucks a piece for two additional suitcases to find myself with nothing to wear. So I rummaged and rummaged and found an old Cheong Sam (your typical body-hugging Chinese dress) I’d bought once for a wedding and never wore again. It made me look like a Chinese waitress. Why had I packed it still is a mystery.

Yet here was the solution for this intellectual party the Philosopher was throwing. I took a pair of scissors and sewing kit. A girl should never travel without a pair of scissors. I cut…

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Breakfast in Istanbul. (Part 1) By Brian Martin-Onraet and Tiffany Choong

A must read action packed fictional short story by Brian Martin-Onraet inspired by Stewart the seagull that took me to Istanbul this year. A big thank you for this. I am honoured x


1-Seagull wpid-img_20150417_164146

The seagulls glide and glide over the waters. Hundreds of them. Gliding and flying effortlessly. Catch the wind. Glide a while. Then a swift stroke of a wing and glide again. Stewart is probably up there. I can’t make him out. Too many seagulls in the air. And too many ships in the waters! Reminds me of traffic in Bangkok, Chang Mai or KL, without the motorbikes. Here, ships and boats of all size and hue cross each other at breakneck speed. Well, a few knots’ breakneck speed. They make quite a show, sounding their horns at each other. Painting the water white with their foamy trails. Ferries, tourist boats, fishing boats, one or the other Navy battle ship. Russia and the Black sea are not too far away.

Every now and then a seagull stops in mid-air, flipping its wings madly, suspended in the air, then drops into the…

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“Indian Summers” BBC Miniseries

The new British tv series INDIAN SUMMERS will spice up your weekend!



Sunday night was the first episode and my only complaint was that it was on later than I wished. See where the English went to escape the heat and sun of  The  Indian Summers. The accents make it a tad challenging to understand but  Downton Abbey is in its last season, so this is a great addition! If you like history, great writing and acting, breathtaking scenery , filmed at the foot of the Himalayas and tucked into the tea plantations,  intrigue , complicated love stories. . . .take a look.  I love history, BBC miniseries with stellar writing and acting,  handsome Indians, beautiful Indian women . . . . .and of course Incredible India!


Set against the sweeping grandeur of the Himalayas and tea plantations of Northern India, the drama tells the rich and explosive story of the decline of the British Empire and the birth of modern…

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2 more days to go before the launch of the first Penang Colouring book by We Are Artists in conjunction with George Town Festival. Article by Buro 24/7

Penang colouring book by We Are Artists featured in Buro 24/7
Penang colouring book by We Are Artists featured in Buro 24/7

Click here to read the article online

About Buro 24/7

The luxury of digital is the promise of immediacy: 24-hour access to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture, watches and jewellery at the tips of your fingers. Buro 24/7 Malaysia leads the charge into a borderless frontier; in a time precious society, you are now afforded up-to-date information wherever you are and whenever you please.

Founded in 2011 by Russian fashion maven Miroslava Duma, the Buro brand was a passion project by Duma to cultivate the lessons she learned within the publishing industry but brought into the digital age.

As the tenth country to launch her brand, Buro 24/7 Malaysia brings you smart, savvy and concise editorial, unhindered by the strictures of traditional print media. From runway reports, the hottest trends and all the latest in culture and lifestyle, you can read it first at Buro 24/7 Malaysia.


About George Town Festival

George Town Festival is an annual, month-long celebration of arts, culture, heritage and community. Inaugurated in 2010 in honour of George Town’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Festival transforms the city into a global stage, showcasing world-class performances, installations and collaborations from international and local artists alike. With over one hundred unique events each year, the Festival seeks to create new and vibrant connections between the traditional and the contemporary, the past and the future. Drawing thousands of visitors each year to Penang, George Town Festival is quickly becoming one of Asia’s must-see events.

About We Are Artists
We Are Artists is a creative group formed by artists, for artists. 
We have built an international network and database of contemporary artists across a vast range of disciplines. 
​We promote them for free so as to encourage learning, collaboration, and to help them build their careers. 
We run workshops and educational sessions for all ages and abilities across the globe... 
We also run a shophouse in Penang, which acts as our headquarters, workshop space, and collaboration space

Fresh off the press: A colouring book to celebrate Penang’s cultural diversity – by Opalyn Mok. Malaymail online

Penang Colouring book by We Are Artists
Penang Colouring book by We Are Artists

Thank you for featuring the Penang Colouring book by We Are Artists in the Malaymail online. The book launch is in a week’s time. Friday 31st July 2015 at the Little Art House, 90 Lorong Macalister, Penang, Malaysia from 3pm – 6pm.

See you there xoxo

Click here to read the Article in the Malaymail online by Opalyn Mok

Where to travel to this August? Why not visit Penang for George Town festival…Tell your friends, book your trip!


We are getting ready for George Town Festival. The whole of August celebrates George Town as a Unesco World Heritage site. The festival will showcase local and international arts and cultural events.

The Penang colouring book by We Are Artists in conjunction with George Town Festival (GTF), features the works of 9 locally based artists including myself.
Price RM20 Made in Penang

Thank you Lusy Decoursey for making this happen! xx

For more info visit

Read about Penang Colouring in the press

Sketch of the day no 570 in my moleskine art journal: things from my turkish airlines flight

Things from my turkish airlines flight

sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal: things from my turkish airlines flight to istanbul. Orhan pamuk’s Istanbul and snacks from my meal.

Must watch! What A voice. Zoe’s audition for the Voice Kids, Germany

11 yr old Zoe is my friend’s daughter. They live in Zurich but this is in Germany. When I watched it I was moved to tears. I am so proud for you Oto. Zoe is an amazing talent xx

Sketch of the day no 529 in my moleskine art journal: Darth Vadar hot air balloon. May the force be with you.


Today’s sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is a Darth vadar hot air balloon.
I went on a hot air ballooon on Saturday with some friends in the Padang polo, Penang. There was a hot air balloon fiesta over the weekend, organised by Penang tourist board. It is the first time that we’ve had hot air balloons here.
Only 180 tickets were available for each session. There were a total of 4 sessions over 2 days. O yeah, we queued in the hot tropical sun for those tickets and I don’t regret it. We brought Noah, my friend’s 7 year old and the look on his face was priceless!!!

Made ourselves comfortable at Padang polo whilst waiting for the hot air balloon ride
we have lift off at padang polo penang
we have lift off at padang polo penang. Penang Hot air balloon Fiesta 2015

May the force be with you. Happy Monday

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