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Interior Design

My interior design projects

Chairs for Chairity, a cancer awareness campaign featured in the Edge newspaper

Chairity for cancer 2014
Chairity for cancer 2014


The chairs by 15th Malaysian artists and designers will be auctioned off on Thursday 15th May 2014 at the Edge Gallerie, Publika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Sketch of the day no 153: Interior of office (Updated)


I didn’t have time to do a normal sketch of the day. Today I was busy at site. I did some quick sketches of ideas whilst I was there.

Office Before
Office Before

The photo above is the office before I added the black painted stripes and chalk board paint from Murobond. It is a non toxic water based acrylic paint that is odorless.

The photo below shows how just some painted stripes can tie the interior space together making it more seamless and have focus points. If you have a small office, the layout and flow is important. Add lot’s of storage space. You can never have enough!

Office After
Office After

Shoe Cupboard Design


I have waited a long time for this cupboard and finally it has arrived!
I am so happy my shoes have a home now. They used to just line the wall and made the space look really untidy but now it’s perfect!

I dedicated half the space for shoes and the other half for golf bags and other junk that needs to be hidden away. You can never have enough storage space is what I say.

Interior Design Project 2

Photo of Apartment

Perspective of new design

As I mentioned before, I occasionally get asked to give advice on interior design issues. My latest project is a 2000 sq ft apartment. Above is a photo of the apt and below it is what I intend to change. My speciality is space planning and design on a budget. I never feel comfortable dictacting style on someone else’s home. It’s way too personal and who’s to say if white or blue is a better colour?

The original layout has a fairly small enclosed kitchen with an outdated look. I propose to knock down the existing wall so that the kitchen flows into the dining/living area. A new breakfast counter divides the space and in addition, sliding glass doors can completely close up the kitchen when necessary. I believe in creating flexible spaces to suit all lifestlyes.
There are 2 bedrooms tucked in the corner to the left of the kitchen and they share a common bathroom. In order to create a bit of privacy, I suggest enclosing the area as seen in the perspective.
These two changes in my opinion, will immediately improve the layout and design of the apartment.
Check this space for further progress!

Modern Office Interior Design – example 1

Every so often I get asked for design advice for a house, apt or office. I always feel flattered when this happens as I don’t even warrant such an honour. I love interior design but unfortunately I do not practice anymore as I do not know how to work with contractors-they simply drive me nuts and life is too short for such suffering.

My latest design is for a small office. The following is what I came up with:
Layout plan
As you enter, there is a waiting area which opens up into the main work station.The main workstation is in the heart of the office. The office is divided into several work areas. There is a conference room in the front which doubles up as the office library. This is strategically located next to the waiting area near the entrance and is slightly elevated for better visibility . The pantry on the other hand is tucked away at the back of the office.

Elevation of the conference room and waiting area

Perspective of main work area -The back wall leads to the pantry.

Perspective of the pantry
The pantry is large enough for a breakfast counter. The right side of the pantry leads to the store room and the left side leads to the boss’ office which is also accessible from another entrance.

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