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Humans vs cucumbers

If you are having a bad day, this video guarantees to cheer you up!
See what happens when you place a few cucumbers in a room full of people….
A spoof on the cat vs cucumbers recently seen on youtube that has gone viral.
No cats were harmed in this video and it is animal cruelty free. Maybe a few humans were traumatized…;p

Do you want to see what’s in my Moleskine art journal?

Do you want to see what’s in my Moleskine art journal. If you have been following me regularly on my blog,  you would have seen my daily sketches but here it is for those who have just joined. I hope it inspires you to do something creative everyday 🙂


Amazing Happy Video compiled by Sue Tan for CHULEX wedding 2014

This amazing video makes me happy everytime I watch it. Sue thought of this idea for a wedding present to the couple. She asked some of their friends to send in clips of them dancing from all over the world and compiled this into a little video montage with everyone dancing to the song. It is such an awesome idea! Thank you for making this video Sue. When I get married, I would like one too ;p

Sketch of the day no 196: Tibetan Monastery on top of Paoma Shan, Kangding, China

Paoma shan monastery
Paoma shan monastery

Kangding (康定; Kāngdìng; Tibetan:དར་མདོ།, Dardo), is the largest city and capital of Ganzi (Garzê) Tibetan Prefecture, in western Sichuan Province, China  ~Wikitravel

This monastery is located at the top of Paoma shan (Paoma mountain) in Kangding. It sits at almost 3000m above sea level. I was there last year and this is one of my favourite places I visited. It was very peaceful, beautiful and spiritual. I remember this place clearly because this is also where the monks were generous enough to invite me to have lunch with them as they ate in the garden.

This place is also famous for a folk song known as the Kangding Love song which refers to Paoma shan.

Placido Domingo

Let’s Party with Maison Bentley Style!

Welcome to

Welcome to BulanLifestyle’s page. Thank you for dropping by. Feel free to take a look around our home.

I’ve been invited to a glamorous international blog party hosted by the lovely fashionista Kate over at Maison Bently Style. However, since I couldnt personally attend, I’m throwing a party over here to celebrate the success of her blog party.

Iris Ipfel Outfit
Iris Ipfel Outfit

I’m dressed up a la fabulous Iris Ipfel. I love vintage Boho Chic. I am the Crazy Bag Lady after all!

Do meet my pets, every crazy bag lady has pets!

BulanLifestyle animal farm
BulanLifestyle animal farm

Click here to go to watch the Party Video

We have some entertainment for you over in this corner.

Fire eaters
Fire eaters

Help yourself to the vegetarian pizzas, sorry there is no meat at this party

vegetarian pizza
vegetarian pizza

Oops, someone stole the entertainer from Maison Bently’s party

Pacha entertainer
Champagne bar + entertainer

Make yourself at home and feel free to browse my artwork. You can find them all being displayed in the other rooms. Or click here to go straight there.

I’m going to mingle. It was fun meeting you, enjoy the party!!

Have a drink
Have a drink

Ooo, I almost forgot, do take home a goodie bag!

My Little Peony - Nonya Collection all - small

The Crazy Bag Lady xoxo

Running away to join the Flying Gorilla Circus in Regents Park #London

My friends and I went for a walk one day around regents park and stumbled upon the Gorilla Circus. It’s just near the mosque. We stayed and watched for a bit then went up to ask about classes. It looked like so much fun. When we got home, we immediately booked in for the first available class. The class cost 24 pounds during weekdays and is 2 hours long with a max of 10 students per class which is the perfect size.

Our class was yesterday. It was awesome! We managed to have 4 goes each on the flying trapeze. The weather started off brilliant but it showered halfway through which meant that we were not allowed to progress to the catching phase, but still so much fun! We were taught 2 different moves on the trapeze; the knee hook and the upside down split with a back flip dismount. It actually sounds and looks harder than it is!

Gorilla Circus
Gorilla Circus
Monkeys at the circus
Monkeys at the circus


For more info click here

Video intro to the Bulan Animal Farm

Click here for Bulan animal farm part 2 Party Time

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