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Read all about Treasures of a Straits Chinese exhibition, my first solo exhibition in Malaysia Tatler.

Malaysia tatler: Treasures of a Straits Chinese G hotel

Read all about Treasures of a Straits Chinese exhibition, my first solo exhibition in Malaysia Tatler. It is an honour for my first solo exhibition to be listed here! I am truly grateful.

Check out your Chinese Zodiac for the new year in this months Harper’s Bazaar by Joey Yap. Illustrations by me

Harpers bazaar zodiac Feb 2018
Chinese Zodiac for Harper’s Bazaar. Horoscope by Joey Yap. Illustrations by BulanLifestyle

Check out your Chinese Zodiac for the new year in this months Harper’s Bazaar by Joey Yap. Illustrations by me.

Click here to read the digital copy:

Bulanlifestyle mentioned in Malaysia Tatler as local artist to follow :)

Tatler bulanlifestyle
Bulanlifestyle featured in Tatler Malaysia as local artists to follow

As featured in Tatler Malaysia. Thank you for the mention!! What a lovely surprise. I consider it an honour when Tatler lists me as a local artist to follow.

“If you can’t find the time to support local artists by visiting your nearest art gallery, you could just as easily start by ‘following’ Joee and these 4 Instagram accounts.”

It’s very encouraging when local media start to pick up on my work. As an artist, all I have to use as a gauge is my instinct and heart. It is all about the passion. There is no set path you can follow. I often sit at home and wonder if I am doing the right thing. I don’t know. I don’t have the answer. For me I will continue doing what I do as long as I have a roof over my head and as long as my art makes me happy 🙂

Do follow me on Instagram: Bulanlifestyle_art

Have a beautiful week and keep doing what makes you happy.


Insta Crush: The free spirited artist – Tiffany Choong by

Fabspy feature
Insta Crush: The free spirited artist – Tiffany Choong

Click here to read the article

Fress off the press in Lithuania…People Magazine (Zmones)

People Zmones April 2016
Zmones Lithuania April 2016 Kristina and Andrius cooks up a healthy Vegetarian meal

Fresh off the press…People Magazine Lithuania (Zmones)
Fashion designer and celebrity couple Kristina Kalinauskaite and Andrius Sergejenko cooked up a healthy vegetarian meal… Daal, Roasted vegetables and Potato salad at Kristi Andress studio, their home and atelier.
Saville Row bespoke tailor Andrew Chan supervised, and I watched and enjoyed the food.
It was an honour to be included in this soiree. Thank you xx

You can shop for their clothes online here

About KA by Kristi Andress
KA diffusion label by Kristi Andress. KA is launching a clothing and accessories line for women.
INSPIRATION: In search of one’s identity in an urban jungle comfort by nature.
STYLE: Minimalist design fused with strong and eye catching details.
THE QUESTION: what kind of bird are you? Discover your inner self.

Corporate store

Kurpių st. 25 – 2, Kaunas (Old town), Lithuania LT-44287
Tel:+370 37 32 24 51     Cell:+370 684 48 311

Behind the scenes
Zmones cover
Zmones Lithuania Nr 16 Cover (People Magazine)

Move over Zoolander. I have perfected the ‘Magnum’ look. Ad campaign for Nyonya perfume by Josh Lee.

Nyonya ad campaign for Josh Lee Fragrances. Perfecting the Magnum zoolander pose .

Move over Zoolander. I have perfected the ‘Magnum’ look.
100% Made in Malaysia. Independent, Homegrown and Ethical. NYONYA by award winning Josh Lee fragrances celebrates our heritage. Photo credit Jimmy Ang
This is a photoshoot I did last month and I am wearing the traditional Baju kebaya which belonged to my mother. It is an honour to be the muse for my talented friend and fragrance designer extraordinaire. Our motto is Penang to the world 🌺🌹

Peranakan Chinese and Baba-Nyonya are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay archipelago and British Malaya (now Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore) between the 15th and 17th centuries.[4]

Members of this community in Malaysia address themselves as “Baba Nyonya”. Nyonya is the term for the women and Baba for the men. It applies especially to the Han populations of the British Straits Settlements of Malaya and the Dutch-controlled island of Java and other locations, who have adopted Nusantara customs — partially or in full — to be somewhat assimilated into the local communities. Many were the elites of Singapore, more loyal to the British than to China. Most have lived for generations along the straits of Malacca. They were usually traders, the middleman of the British and the Chinese, or the Chinese and Malays, or vice versa because they were mostly English educated. Because of this, they almost always had the ability to speak two or more languages.

While the term Peranakan is most commonly used to refer to those of Chinese descent also known as Straits Chinese (named after the Straits Settlements; 土生華人 in Chinese; Tionghoa-Selat or Tionghoa Peranakan in Indonesian; Phuket Baba among Thais in Phuket, Thailand[3]), there are also other, comparatively smaller Peranakan communities, such as Indian Hindu Peranakans (Chitty), Arab/Indian Muslim Peranakans (Jawi Pekan) (Jawi being the Javanised Arabic script, Pekan a colloquial contraction of Peranakan) and Eurasian Peranakans (Kristang[5]) (Kristang = Christians of Portuguese and Asian ancestry).[5][6] The group has parallels to the Cambodian Hokkien, who are descendants of Hoklo Chinese, and the Pashu of Myanmar, a Burmese word for the Peranakan or Straits Chinese who have settled in Myanmar.[7] They maintained their culture partially despite their native language gradually disappearing a few generations after settlement. ~ WIKIPEDIA


Set Your Spirit Free…Read about my life as a Bohemian artist from Penang on Uppre. Thank you for the feature xoxo


Set Your Spirit Free…Read about my life as a Bohemian artist from Penang on Uppre online lifestyle magazine.

Thank you for the feature

To read more:

Penang based artist: Tiffany Choong’s George Town Fringe | Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia

I love George Town Festival. Every year I visit the events and review them on my blog. My friends ask me about which exhibitions to visit because they see on facebook that I’ve been to them all and I’ve done the leg work. As an artist based in Penang, it is incredible to have a month long arts festival. It is the time for me to see what other creatives are doing and to share ideas.

This year you can read all about it in Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia and follow my insiders guide to the festival.

Tiffany Choong’s George Town Fringe | Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia

“Two weeks in and BAZAAR Stylish Woman 2014, as well as Bulan Lifestyle bag designer and artist, Tiffany Choong, leads us through the sights and sounds, curious little side paths (and, of course, cocktails and cafés) of George Town during the ubiquitous George Town Festival 2015 — when an entire city is turned into a thriving arts and cultural hub for a whole month, even garnering international coverage. The brainchild of Joe Sidek, it’s literally when art takes to the streets and everyone, from all walks of life — from entrepreneur to auteur — participates. From her favourite after-hours drink spot — Chulia Court on 355 Lebuh Chulia for their fresh pineapple mojitos, thank you — to where you should go for a little post-festival Shavasana, presents 10 things to try when you’re in Penang this August.”

Tiffany Choongs guide to George Town Festival by Harper's Bazaar Malaysia
Tiffany Choongs guide to George Town Festival by Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia

Read the full article here Tiffany Choong’s George Town Fringe | Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia.

2 more days to go before the launch of the first Penang Colouring book by We Are Artists in conjunction with George Town Festival. Article by Buro 24/7

Penang colouring book by We Are Artists featured in Buro 24/7
Penang colouring book by We Are Artists featured in Buro 24/7

Click here to read the article online

About Buro 24/7

The luxury of digital is the promise of immediacy: 24-hour access to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture, watches and jewellery at the tips of your fingers. Buro 24/7 Malaysia leads the charge into a borderless frontier; in a time precious society, you are now afforded up-to-date information wherever you are and whenever you please.

Founded in 2011 by Russian fashion maven Miroslava Duma, the Buro brand was a passion project by Duma to cultivate the lessons she learned within the publishing industry but brought into the digital age.

As the tenth country to launch her brand, Buro 24/7 Malaysia brings you smart, savvy and concise editorial, unhindered by the strictures of traditional print media. From runway reports, the hottest trends and all the latest in culture and lifestyle, you can read it first at Buro 24/7 Malaysia.


About George Town Festival

George Town Festival is an annual, month-long celebration of arts, culture, heritage and community. Inaugurated in 2010 in honour of George Town’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Festival transforms the city into a global stage, showcasing world-class performances, installations and collaborations from international and local artists alike. With over one hundred unique events each year, the Festival seeks to create new and vibrant connections between the traditional and the contemporary, the past and the future. Drawing thousands of visitors each year to Penang, George Town Festival is quickly becoming one of Asia’s must-see events.

About We Are Artists
We Are Artists is a creative group formed by artists, for artists. 
We have built an international network and database of contemporary artists across a vast range of disciplines. 
​We promote them for free so as to encourage learning, collaboration, and to help them build their careers. 
We run workshops and educational sessions for all ages and abilities across the globe... 
We also run a shophouse in Penang, which acts as our headquarters, workshop space, and collaboration space

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