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Suzie the baby sunbird

Suzie the baby sunbird

Day 12/30 covid 19 lockdown. Im starting a gratitude journal to stay positive in order to get through this.

Sketch of the day no 1322 in my moleskine sketchbook : baby yellow backed sunbird who just landed in her butt after falling out of her nest. Learning to fly has it’s dangers but once you master the skill, you can soar high into the sky, fly baby bird fly ⭐

I’ve named her Suzie. She’s the first to leave the nest this season. She was born 1st of Feb and she flew off 11 Feb. πŸ’›

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Internal monologues : to talk or not to talk, that is the question

Boxed in for open studios Penang 2020

Internal monologues. To talk or not to talk, that is the question.
Some people like to talk about their problems whilst others hide theirs behind a facade. Nobody is entirely transparent whether they choose to share or not.

The problem with verbal communication is that it is not perfect. The listener often misinterprets what is being said because we process information through our own biases.

How often have you asked a question only to be given an answer completely off tangent or the other person jumps in to finish your sentence but gets it completely wrong?

Something to mull over.

Acrylic on MDF box

Boxed in art exhibition for open studios Penang.

Date : April 2020

Venue : China house gallery, Penang

Updated 29th March 2020.

The exhibition is postponed.

You can watch the making of video here

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Blue moon beer

Blue moon beer

Let’s stay home and drink together during this lockdown. Cheers everyone 🍺
Day 11/30 COVID-19 lockdown.

Sketch of the day no 1321 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of blue moon beer πŸŒ•

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Thai song liquer

Thai song liquer

Who’s actually tried this?
Day 10/30 COVID-19 lockdown.
Sketch of the day no 1320 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of Thai song liquer. It is a great disinfectant.

Yamazaki single malt whisky

Yamazaki single malt whisky

How’s everyone doing today?

Day 9/30 covid 19 lockdown. Week 2 ans its starting to get a little bit clausto on here.

Sketch of the day no 1319 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of yamazaki single malt whisky to soothe away the fears.

Patron, perfecting the art of drinking

Patron coffee liqueur

What’s your covid strategy?

Day 8/30 of covid lockdown. So our lockdown has been extended from 14 days to 30 days. I’m feeling a bit more anxious now as the number of infected cases are rising exponentially and to know that i go to the same supermarkets as them is worrying. I’m definitely going to start rationing food so i dont have to go out till this is over.

Sketch of the day no 1318 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle patron coffee liqueur.

Perfecting the art of drinking.

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Precious commodity, the hand sanitizer

Joy lee hand sanitizer

What are you thankful for during this difficult time?
Covid lockdown day 7/14

I’m choosing to draw this bottle of hand sanitizer because my talented best friend Chelsia Ng gave it to me when she saw me using a bottle of vodka (swipe left to see the bottles)
I am eternally grateful because she generously gave me an item I needed that money could not by at the time of covid panic. Love you Chels ❀️

Coincidentally i was chatting with her on the phone whilst sketching this.
Stay home and stay safe my friends.

Sketch of the day no 1317 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of hospital grade Joy Lee Hand Sanitizer. 80% ethanol.

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Monkey 47

Monkey 47

What are you currently drinking to stay sane?

Cheers to all my friends currently in lockdown or about to go into lockdown

It’s Day 6/14 of lockdown for me here in Malaysia, with a strong possibility of an extended lockdown. I had to do a supermarket run to stock up more food for the extended lockdown and before the curfew kicks in.

The supermarket sweep was planned with military precision. I did a quick supermarket survey by asking my friends where they’ve been shopping and picked my best option.

Armed with my grocery list, face mask, cap and sanitizer, I headed out to the supermarket. To my relief it was absolutely empty of people. The shelves were well stocked and they had put tape on the floor by the checkout counter so people kept a 1m distance. All very civilised.

I was in and out in record time. When i arrived home, I disinfected everything. Paranoid? Yes definitely but i rather err on the safe side.

Sketch of the day no 1313 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a bottle of monkey 47 gin.

Cheers to a happy and safe lockdown and a moment to thank our medics and front liners for the amazing work they are doing to keep us alive and safe ❀️

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Day 4 covid lockdown

Armand de brignac Champagne

What’s everyone doing tonight? And which country are you in?

Day 4/14 of lockdown. I’m home drawing, painting, Netflix, exercising, stress snacking and sleeping my saturday away.

Sketch of the day no 1315 in my moleskine sketchbook: Armand de Brignac Champagne

Hope you are entertaining yourself at home 🏑 stay safe my friends 🌹

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