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Sketch of the day no 303: DIY Pink Ginger art bag for my eco warrior days out

DIY Pink Ginger art bag
DIY Pink Ginger art bag


I didnt have a personalised utilatarian bag for my Earth hour walk last night so I decided to paint on this old messenger bag that I had. Now that I’ve given it a new lease of life, I’m going to use it more often!

I chose this Pink Ginger plant because it is native to Malaysia and it’s an idea of mine to start a range of drawings of Malaysian wildlife and plants. Another new project, I have to remember this one.

Sketch of the day no: 260 and how to make Papier-mâché Horse

Horse papier-mâché
Horse papier-mâché

This is the second Papier-mâché animal that I made. This was a collaboration with my friend Sue Tan. If you remembered I made the duck earlier and now this is the horse. These were made for our good friend’s birthday.

Step one: Outline the shape of the horse on cardboard with a market pen

Step two: Cut out the shape of the horse and glue on some sticks to support the legs, making sure you leave an extra inch at the end of the legs.

Step three: Make the glue. We used flour and warm water mix in a bowl.

Step four: Cut out strips of newspaper. Dip the newspaper in the glue and wrap around the cardboard horse until it takes shape. This part is quite tedious but worth the patience as the form is build up.

Step five: Cut out wrapping paper or whatever you want as the final layer. We used Chinese New Year packets.

Step six: Let the horse papier mache dry completely

Step seven: Use lacquer or varnish to seal the horse. You may need a few coats.

Step eight: Make a stand out of styrofoam and cardboard. The internal sturcture is a piece of styrofoam I found from my old computer box. I then covered it with cardboard. Punctured holes in the top of the cardboard stand and slot the horse sticks in it. Use glue to secure.

Et Voila! The final product ;p

Papier-mâché horse finished
Papier-mâché horse finished
Papier-mâché horse and duck
Papier-mâché horse and duck

I had to redo yesterday’s horse sketch because my friend didn’t like it. So here it is version 2 just for you SUE TAN ;p

Chinese New Year Horse
Chinese New Year Horse


Sketch of the day 254: Duck


I made this papier mache duck for my friend’s birthday. He’s someone who has everything but he also loves ducks, so I made him one ;p

1. Duck process 2. Duck papier maches

Highgate fair in the square, #London

5. Highgate logo

Despite the rain today, I popped over to the Highgate fair in the square to support my local fair and to see what it’s all about. I wasnt the only one braving the rain. The fair was packed with people, dogs, families, kids. There were over 120 stalls lining along pond square. I wasnt expecting such a large set up.

There was entertainment for adults and kids. There was a free train ride,  face painting, punch and Judy show, a bungy jump, traditional games like test your strength, throwing coconuts, there were dancers, singers and musicians. For food, there was a wide selection of breads, cakes, pastries, cupcakes, Spanish food, Thai food, Southern street food, burgers, candy floss, cheese, waffles, crepes, truffles and organic vegetables. There were many charity stalls and handmade crafts such as vintage textile bags, woodwork, kids clothes and  toys, silk scarves, jewellery, cards, prints, soaps, foral cups,

I think they should consider making this a regular summer event.

1. Fair entertainment 2. Highgate fair food 3. Highgate crafts 4. Highgate pritns

Pretty things at the Gordes weekly Tuesday market #Provence

There were so many pretty handmade arts and crafts being sold at the Gordes Market I went to yesterday. Here are some of my favourites:

pretty things in gordes market

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