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Pet portrait of MiMi

Pet portrait of MiMi

I did this Γ  while back for a pet portrait commission.
Sketch of the day no 1441 is of MiMi.

I am thankful for work and the support I am getting this year.
Have a beautiful day 🌹

Word of the day: Coronacoaster


Who feels the same?

Word of the day: Coronacoaster.
Noun: the ups and downs of a pandemic.
One moment you’re loving your bubble, creating, meditating and working out, the next moment you’re drinking gin for breakfast and missing people you don’t even like.

Blue and white Chinese teacup with lid

Blue and white Chinese teacup with lid

Happy Wednesday. Have you done a fast before? I have just completed my first ever 48 hour fast just to see what it’s all about. I don’t feel any different. Yesterday I was terribly hungry but today felt normal.

Today’s Sketch no 1440 is of a blue and white Chinese teacup with lid.
Swipe left to watch the time lapse video
Have a creative week! πŸ’•

Straits Chinese tea or wine cup

Straits Chinese tea or wine cup

How’s everyone doing? I was thinking of fasting and just drinking tea today but I don’t think I’m going to make it for longer than 24 hours… I’m so hungry right now.
Today’s Sketch no 1439 is of Straits Chinese tea or wine cup.
Swipe left to watch the time lapse video.
Have a beautiful week! πŸ’•

Peranakan Tea cups with birds and spring flowers

Peranakan tea cups

Happy Monday my friends. What are your goals this week?
I’m back to my sketchbook series.
Today’s Sketch no 1438 is of Tea cups with birds and spring flowers.
Swipe left to watch the time lapse video.
Have a productive week! πŸ’•

Are you ready to be spooked

Halloween black cat

Are you ready to be spooked? How is it that we are in November already
Sketch of the day no 1437: Black cat

Vegan breakfast parfait

Vegan breakfast parfait

Sketch of the day no 1434 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a vegan parfait made with mixed nuts, berries and cashew cream. It’s a healthy breakfast option to stay healthy ο₯£
Watch my art video as I draw a new sketch today as part of my daily art ritual to unwind and  destress from daily life.
Art is a great way to relax and be in the present. For this exercise, I draw from photo or from an object in front of me. This enhanced the power of observation and concentration. Your mind cannot wander and draw at the same time. This time out allows your brain to relax and heal.
I don’t focus on the end result as much as the process. The purpose of this daily ritual is to allow yourself to draw without judgement and to be kind to yourself.

How to draw with marker pens and colour pencils

Vegetable box

Today I’m drawing a box of vegetables.
I use a micron pigma pen to outline.
For colours I use tombow dual brush pens and watercolour pencils.
The whole sketch took a bit longer than I normally take but time passed so quickly that I did not even realise that 30 mins had gone by.
When you are in the flow, time ceases to exist.

Hope you enjoy my art video and please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Stay healthy and eat your greens πŸ₯—

Vegan poke bowl

Vegan poke bowl

My sketch of the day no 1431 is of a colourful vegan poke bowl to stay healthy 🌿 πŸƒ
Mind and body are connected. It isΒ  important to eat well to look after our body and meditate to keep our minds healthy. I practice daily art meditation as well as ascension meditation toΒ  stay balanced and mentally well. It’s a difficult time for all of us and it’s a good time to start cleaning up and staying in shape.
Watch my art video to see how you can start on a art healing journey.
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave comments to let me know what you would like to see more of.
Thank you and stay well.

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