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Vintage Sunbeam Alpine

Vintage Sunbeam Alpine

Well Hello February. The first month is behind us and it’s been well boring as much as I love my own company and home. A road trip would be a breath of fresh air about now. O wait what, we’re still in lockdown? Uff
Sketch of the day no 1459 in my moleskine sketchbook is of a vintage Sunbeam Alpine.
My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing. ~ Proust

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

It’s a silly Sunday and today Im drawing my way out of boredom and catching myself before I spiral into depression. I don’t know about you but lockdown is like a roller coaster of emotions. Some days are good, some days are neutral and some days are outrightly depressing.
Objectively nothing has changed, everyday is the same, it’s how my mind decides to play out the day. Having the right tools like my drawing, meditation and workouts is the fastest way to catch my mind before it sabotages my day.
So today has been saved.
Sketch of the day no 1458 in my moleskine sketchbook : Home is where the heart is. The safe corner of my living room.

Wishing you love and joy

Love and joy

It’s always a good time to celebrate love and joy. Sending you all some positive vibes cos I know life can be less than rosy at times 🌹❀️🌺

Sketch of the day no 1443 in my moleskine sketchbook is of some pretty florals

Word of the day: Coronacoaster


Who feels the same?

Word of the day: Coronacoaster.
Noun: the ups and downs of a pandemic.
One moment you’re loving your bubble, creating, meditating and working out, the next moment you’re drinking gin for breakfast and missing people you don’t even like.

Vegan bruschetta


You are what you eat.
Sketch no 1416. Vegan bruschetta. This is how my meals look like now since giving up dairy…

Waffles and ice cream

Waffles and ice cream

What’s your favourite topping?
Sketch of the day no 1414. Waffles and ice cream.
I’ve given up dairy since lockdown in March just as an experiment from watching the game changer. I’ve been vegetarian for over 3 decades and I thought what heck, let’s try this and see what happens.
It’s been 6 months and I don’t feel any noticeable changes in any way nor in my workout recoveries. I am however highly allergic to dairy now. I had some yoghurt yesterday and my body went into shock so it means I may continue to be plant based for a bit longer. I haven’t decided. Let’s see what happens. ο€―
If you’ve reached this far, have you gone plant based and how do you feel or have you considered to go plant based? ☘️

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

Find your inner self…
Have a good weekend and stay safe my friends πŸ™

Sketch of the day no 1413 in my moleskine sketchbook is of Johnny Bravo.

Watch my Real Time video of the drawing here and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you 🌹

Didi from Deter’s Labaratory

Didi from Deter’s Labaratory

It’s the weekend. Dance with me. πŸ’•πŸ’ƒπŸ’•

Sketch of the day no 1412 in my moleskine sketchbook is of Didi from Deter’s Labaratory.

Watch my Real Time drawing on my YouTube channel

Stewie from Family Guy

Stewie from Family Guy

This is for ice cream lovers… that would be me 😁 except I have temporarily stopped eating dairy πŸ™Š
Damn you ice cream, come to my mouth! How dare you disobey me! 🍦

Sketch of the day no 1411 in my moleskine sketchbook is of Stewie from Family Guy

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