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red ginger

Sketch of the day no 303: DIY Pink Ginger art bag for my eco warrior days out

DIY Pink Ginger art bag
DIY Pink Ginger art bag


I didnt have a personalised utilatarian bag for my Earth hour walk last night so I decided to paint on this old messenger bag that I had. Now that I’ve given it a new lease of life, I’m going to use it more often!

I chose this Pink Ginger plant because it is native to Malaysia and it’s an idea of mine to start a range of drawings of Malaysian wildlife and plants. Another new project, I have to remember this one.

Sketch of the day no 279: Gisele the Pink Ginger Plant #ART

Pink Ginger
Pink Ginger

Continuing on the botanical theme, this pink ginger flower is from my mum’s garden 🙂


Sketch of the day no 169: Pink ginger flower in Penang

Pink ginger flower
Pink ginger flower

It’s such a hot and sunny day, I decided to go into the garden. This is a sketch of a pink ginger flower. I’m back to drawing nature. I’ve had a super busy day so this was a quick and easy sketch. Now for a quick work out and I will probably pass out.

I have been told by a friend to add that this is a native Malaysian Flower and the scientific name is

Alpinia purpurata

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