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rose painting

Garland of roses. Art by Ling #5

garland of roses painted on stool
garland of roses painted on stool

I’m a bit late in the day for my post today. Another painted stool from my mum’s collection.

I’m back in the city and I just had the longest but most amazing day catching up with some of my  closest friends I haven’t seen in more than a month. I randomly bumped into a few people whilst doing my groceries because all slots for breakfast, lunch and dinner were filled up. I must be old because I feel exhausted. This unexpectedly social day is rare for me these days as I hardly go out. I have started to be a real recluse which is not always such a good thing.

Roses. Art chair by Ling #4

painted roses
painted roses

Another addition to the Art Chair series by my mum. This is a pretty painting of bunch of roses. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am 🙂

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