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Digital drawing no 39: Barred eagle owl. Bubo sumatranus. 

Barred eagle owl. Bubo sumatranus

I am hungrier than i look. 

Digital drawing of the day is of a juvenile Barred eagle owl. Bubo sumatanus. 

Digital drawing of the day no 38: Pink flamingos. 

Pink flamingos

I love flamingos. Do you? 

Digital drawing of the day is of Pink flamingos.
Have a beautiful week. 

Digital drawing no 37: water pistol. 

Water pistol : weapon of mass happiness

Happy Monday! 

Digital drawing of the day is of an orange water pistol which is a Weapon of mass happiness. 

Digital drawing no 36: sock gremlin.

Sock gremlin

Ever wonder where your sock went? Digital drawing of the day is of the cheeky sock gremlin. He steals my goggles too. 😬

Digital drawing no 35: sock Gremlin

Protect me from the haze ~ sock gremlin.

Protect me from the haze ~ sock gremlin. 
Digital drawing of the day is one of my favourite characters, the sock gremlin who steals socks in my house. If you keep on losing just one sock, you know who’s been in your place. 

Digital drawing no 34: Stewart the seagull. 

Stewart the European herring gull

​Set your spirit free! 

Digital drawing of the day is of Stewart the seagull and friends. Stewart is a European herring gull. 

Happy Monday. Digital drawing no 33: zoe the zebra 

Zoe the zebra. Equus quagga

Digital drawing of the day is Zoe the zebra. Equus quagga. 

Digital drawing no 31: Gisele the Giraffe. 

Giraffa camelopardalis

Good morning! Digital drawing of the day is of the lovely Gisele the Giraffe.(Giraffa camelopardalis) 

The journey has begun: Working on my first solo exhibition. 

BulanLifestyle work in Progress

I’ve been a bit busier recently as I’ve started working on my first solo art exhibition. The reality of it is still sinking in as I didn’t plan for it but when the time feels right and the door opens, I felt confident enough to venture into the unknown. 

The exhibition is still a long time away. It’s next February 2018 but i need to pull myself together and have a full body of work by year end. That’s just 4 months away!  So I have been trying to get into work mode which is easier said then done. 

What does an artist do all day? 

I’m not sure what other artists do all day but I think a lot. I think and read more than I create. I’ve spoken to a few of my artist friends about this and they are similar. 

The thought process takes up most of the time and the actual execution of the artwork is the easiest part. I let ideas perculate in my head. It rolls and bounces around when I’m awake,  when I’m asleep, when I’m talking to people. It takes on a life of its own.  Finally when it’s ready, it emerges like a newborn. Crazy as I am, I consider all my artworks my babies. It comes from within me, it is me. 

My daily sketches have helped in the creative process. By sketching daily and doing the homework subconsciously has helped me formulate ideas and concepts faster. By retrospectively analysing my sketches, I have uncovered the reason for them. What started as a challenge, became my therapy, to learning about myself and a sense of nostalgic interest in my heritage. In essence a philosophical question of finding who am I. 

My ideas may change by year end. Let’s see what comes out of this. 

And now back to work! Or thinking… 

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